How To Run Your Business From Peace Of Mind Instead of Panic

Dear friends in business,

As a business coach one of the things we see with business owners, entrepreneurs and professional’s is that when you become more successful the complexity of running a business seems to multiply for many business owners.

You may find yourself wearing so many different hats that you get lost in terms of what to focus on and what truly matters.

During these times of increased complexities business owners may find themselves at their wits end with more stress, less freedom and no joy.

The passion and excitement that was there in the beginning of the business seems more like a fading childhood memory.

Burdened by the increasing demands of the business, everything can look like a big deal.

During these times, business owners are vulnerable to making costly mistakes when it comes to dealing with the direction of the company.

Inevitably business owners often work harder trying to make the necessary changes for business growth while paying a huge price in their personal lives.

Being overly concerned with business an owner can find it difficult to switch gears when they get home which may create distance in their relationships.

Tension at home begins to interfere with their effectiveness at work.

For many business owners this seems like the required price you have to pay for having a successful business.

But, what if it could be another way.

If you are interested in learning about a new pariidigm for being in business where fresh ideas are common place and peace of mind is the signiture strenght of the business leader then please join us for a transformational conversation that delivers what others only promise.

You will learn: 

– The secret behind performance and results

– Getting more done in less time

– Working from insight and not habitual patterns

– Listening deeply to others to ‘hear’ more

– How our minds work to create productive or non-productive results

– How we are ‘designed for success’ and how to access this natural resource

Note: We will not focus on leadership skills, tactics, strategies, time or priority management. Although we wont’t be discussing these areas specifically, you may actually leave the evening with an insight regarding any or all of the above.

With an understanding of the 3 Principles, you are only 1 Insight away from a fresh new way of doing business.

Who should attend?

Small business owners, professionals, self-employed individuals, coaches, consultants, individuals interested in personal and professional development.

The evening will be faciltated by Greg Clowminzer a pioneering business coach with over 10,000 hours of real-time coaching experience. This evening is a must for anyone wanting to create more sustainable impact in business, personally and professionally.

When: Tuesday, March 21, 2017 from 5 PM – 7 PM

Where: 5857 Owens Ave #300, Carlsbad, CA 92008-6562, United State

Note: This is a no cost, high-value event.

Space is limited so please RSVP right away.

To guarantee yourself a seat, contact us at 760-930-9604

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