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Take The First Step To Setting Better Goals

We all have goals. Most of the time we spend thinking about our goals, we seem to strive to find more negative reasons as to why not to pursue them than positive ones. The following questions are a preliminary step in discovering what your goals are, who you are, and how you feel towards change.

On a piece of paper, jot down the answers to the following questions. As you answer these questions, you may have more of your own that come up, just writethem down and answer them, too. You will want to use a separate sheet for each of your goals so they do not get mixed up.

Basically, these questions are just to weigh the pros and cons as you see them. You can then take the answers to your personal coach to brainstorm and discover the best way you can achieve your goals, find solutions to your concerns and fears, and turn your dream into a reality.

  1. What is your goal or desired outcome?
  2. Is your goal feasible? (Can it become a profitable venture or is it just for fun?)
  3. Do you have any problems (such as medical or physical) that would make pursuing this goal not feasible? (i.e. Your goal is of being a pilot but your eyesight is beginning to fail you — in all probability this goal may not be achievable)
  4. Does following the goals require a lot of education, time and money, in order to achieve it?
  5. Are you financially capable to pursue this goal, whether you have a savings account, need a business loan, a personal loan, etc.?
  6. What do you find so ‘ideal’ about this goal?
  7. What does that tell you about yourself?
  8. How would you feel if you could turn your goal into reality?
  9. Do you automatically find anything negative about this goal? If so, what?
  10. Do you feel you are up to the challenge?
  11. Do you have support from others in pursuing your goals?
  12. How difficult was it for you to answer these questions? Or how easy?

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