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How to Create a Successful Internet Video Campaign

Video marketing can be easily learned and should be a part of your online presence and marketing strategy.

Check out this short powerpoint presentation that was turned into a video to help you understand what it takes to create a successful internet video campaign and help you increase your visibility, drive more traffic to your website. and demonstrate yourself as an expert.

Make sure you check out the notes below that walk you through the video presentation.

In this presentation we are  going to cover how to create a successful internet video campaign. We’re going to discuss keywords, design, frequency, distribution and sharing of your videos. Now, video is one of the quickest and most powerful ways to get your message out on the internet. The search engines love to display video in their results. Using videos you can position yourself as an expert in your industry and get your audience to know, like and trust you before they ever even talk to you.  It’s really a great way to get connected to people before you even get to talk to them.

So, let’s talk about the keywords. Now getting your videos found all has to do with the content and keywords you use in your videos. This is really important if your goal is getting your videos ranked. If that is your goal,  then this is the number thing you need to think about. In 2010 Google implemented speech to text, so the words that are spoken in your video count just as much as the text. This is huge in how your videos get ranked.

So how do you use your keywords? Well, you use them in the title. So when you’re saving this video, and when you’re uploading it, you want to use your keyword as your title. You also want to use the keyword in the first 30 seconds when you’re recording your video. And you want to use it at least once more in your video as well.

So the longer your video is, the more often you will use the keyword naturally.   You want to use it in your description for video sharing sites and  in your tags which are also the keywords that you want to get found for. Include your website in the description of your video as well, but   make sure that you are putting the http:// in there so that it creates a link.

You are designing your videos around your keywords. First you need to think about what keywords you can rank for. So do your keyword research and find things that have high search volume and low competition. Then you also  want to figure out how many videos you can produce, so take a look at the different options you have based on what you’ve found on your keyword research and think about that and it might be based on your budget or time. So, can you do five videos? Can you do twenty? It all depends on what your resources are. Now I encourage you to add a music background to your video It’s really powerful. It creates for a better overall video and if you use the same track all the time it’s really good for you branding. So when People hear that they start to recognize that and link that to you.

As far as filming goes, you need to make sure you have the proper lighting. This is really important if you want to have some quality videos. If you don’t have the experience to do this then you might  want to design different types of videos instead of being on camera. I’d really encourage you not to shoot outside unless it’s appropriate for your business because you cannot control the elements outside, the sun, the clouds and especially the noise level.

Use a camera that has an external microphone. The audio quality is so much better than if you’re using a camera that has an internal mic. If you don’t have a camera like that see if you can borrow one from a friend. The Kodak ZI8 is a relatively inexpensive camera that has external mic that you could use.

Also try not to wear necklaces or jewellery that will interfere with the mic. Once you have your mic pinned on you don’t want anything to brushing up against it.

For the visual aspect, make sure that you are wearing solid colours other than white. Most of your videos should be 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length. Now if you’re giving a demonstration or showing product you can do a longer video because you don’t want to break it up into series of videos. When you’re first getting started, YouTube Is not  going to allow you upload videos that  are long anyway. So what you need to do is cut the video and make it into a series, but most of the videos that you are producing can really be between 30 seconds or 2 minutes in length.

Now always add an introduction. If you want to have a consistent intro, give your name, give your business name; just introduce yourself just as you would if you’re meeting somebody new. It is important that at the end of your video you always have a call to action with your website and your phone number

So how often should you do videos? Well think of it this way –YouTube is  going to reward you the same way that Google does. Remember that if you’re putting  up frequent relevant content on the internet it’s  going to be better for you and if you’re keeping  your YouTube channel fresh it’s  going to be better for you.

So where do you distribute your videos?  The search engines don’t just display videos that come from YouTube, but other videos sharing sites as well. Another benefit is that every time you upload your videos and put your URL in that description it creates a back link for your website as well .

Here are just a few of other videos sharing sites that you might  want to consider. There’s Viddler, Metacafe, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Veoh and plenty more. So there’s a lot of ways that you can use your videos, you can put it on your blog posts, you can put them on your social media facebook, twitter, linked in. You can send a link to your video in your email campaign.

Blog posts are great way to utilize your videos. It’s really going to help you get video views from your blog reader which helps with the ranking of your videos. You’ve got the video up on youtube that is helping generate a backlinks to your website. You’ve got video views coming from your blog readers and by having those views that helps the rankings of your videos. Any activity around your video is good. You want video views. You want comments. You want likes.

And adding a video to your social media post is always a good idea. Posts with videos are the number one read posts inside Facebook. You can share your videos with your friends and subscribers inside YouTube as well. So you can send your contacts a message and let them know that you uploaded a new video.

Make sure to ask for comments and likes on your videos. The more activity there is around your video the more stickiness it’s  going to have.

So what’s next? Well you need to get active. Get a group together where you can view each other’s videos and comment. It’s  going to make a difference for you if you have just a few You Tube connections. Now don’t get upset if someone doesn’t like your video.

One of the best things about the video is that has the potential to go viral. So make sure you allow others to use your videos. Now inside YouTube there is a sharing feature. It will ask you when you’re uploading your video what kind of rights you  want to give other people. Now if it’s really proprietary content you might  want to protect your video with a watermark or include your information so that they can’t remove that.

So we discussed the basics and how to use your keywords.  We discussed how to design your video. What you need to put in there and how often you should create videos and how often you should distribute them and where you should distribute them.

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