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Why Hire A Business Coach?

Today there is a growing knowledge of the term business coach. Not many years back, very few people were familiar with the term or exactly what one did. More familiarity was in terms such as business advisors and business consultants. Even though these terms are often put in the same category as coaching, they are not the same. […]

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How To Get More Clients For Your Business

Get More Clients For Your Business

I get a lot of service professionals and small business owners who reach out to me with one common problem that is how do I get more clients, customers or increase my sales. What I often see business owners doing is grasping at straws, looking for a magic pill or exercising a strategy called hope. Of course none of these work.

If business owners and professionals were really honest with themselves they would recognize the fact that they’re simply trying to avoid having real conversations with real people. So they hide behind a website, posting things on social media and never taking conversations off-line and getting to know their customers.

So if you want get more clients you must increase your willingness to be an conversation with people. You will need to let go the excuses like “I am just too busy” and “just don’t have enough time”. Or, just pick your own favorite excuse, “I don’t know who to contact” or “I don’t know what to say”.

I’d like to share a story with you about two clients who took on a challenge to see who can get the most clients in 30 days. The first client already had a large email list and sent out invitations to a webinar where they’re going to share some valuable information to the people who attended after which they would make an irresistible offer to experience there work. The second client had no email list, offered no webinars but simply reached out to people and made a generous offer to prospective clients to experience their services. At the end of the 30 days guess who had more clients, if you said person with the big email list and webinars you would be mistakenly wrong.

Would you like to know what my second client did that was wildly successful?

Here you go.

The first (5) steps that you can use to get more clients now.

  • Let go of the fear of what other people will think of you.
  • Practice being unapologetic and curious.
  • Ask yourself who can I serve next.
  • Do your research and create at least 12 questions in advance to engage your prospect.
  • Learn to love the business of client acquisition as much as you do delivering your product or services.

Would you like to learn the next (5) steps?

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How To Radically Increase Your Income

In this video San Diego Business Coach Greg  shares 10 shifts to make that will help you increase your sales, income and value in the world. The sub heading would fall within the lines of “stop selling and start fearlessly serving other”.

If you are in a hurry and don’t want to listen to the whole video here are the top 10 shifts to make to start making more money.

1. Stop trying to please others – Start fearlessly serving others
2. Stop focusing on yourself – Start helping others
3. Stop being so serious – Start to lighten up
4. Stop consuming more information – Start working on yourself
5. Stop being sedentary – Start moving your body
6. Stop waiting – Start asking for what you want
7. Stop making others wrong – Start making everyone right
8. Stop making money evil, dirty, wrong – Start a new attitude around money
9. Stop helping yourself – Start helping others
10. Stop complaining – Start creating

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Rules of Engagement – The basics for effective communication


A Commitment to Peace.

I believe that much of the suffering in the world could be reduce if people would simply adhere to what I call, Rules of Engagement – The basics of effective communication.

I have put together the follow list of ways to show up in a conversation that allows for true understanding to occur. Although many of the skills seem obvious, it takes practice and a real commitment to adhere to them.

• See communication as an opportunity and a gift rather than a challenge or threat.
• Communication speeds up when you slow down.
• Don’t interrupt when someone is speaking.
• Don’t criticize, judge or make someone wrong.
• Listen to understand versus reply.
• Maintain good eye contact when possible.
• Be an open and nonjudgmental listener.
• Speak in “I” statements.
• Avoid he said, she said.
• Only share your deepest truth.
• Be able to distinguish facts from judgments, opinions, assumptions and feelings.
• Eliminate gossip.
• Be direct and ask for what you want.
• Practice a high quality of attention when listening.
• Practice self-awareness before speaking.
• If you don’t understand something ask for clarification.
• Acknowledge the speaker.
• Be generous with your listening.
• Let others speak first.
• Set aside preconceived ideas.
• Understand the subject that you are communicating about. Don’t wander off-topic or subject. • Welcome all thoughts, feelings and insights without invalidating.
• Become comfortable with silence and pregnant pauses.
• Ask a well thought out question, wait and listen.
• Go deeper with one question.
• Refrain from interrogating.
• Commit to getting yourself understood to the best of your ability.
• Own your judgments, feelings and reactions as your stuff, don’t make it about someone else.
• Reduce or eliminate self referencing.
• Be present to what’s arising in your own consciousness and communicate that.
• Receive and release another’s communication.
• Avoid trip laying.
• Ask, don’t tell.
• Get permission before offering feedback, coaching or advice.

Please share with friends, family, and co-workers.




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How To Be An Effective Listener

San Diego Business Coach Greg Clowminzer shares some insights into what is means to practice active listening as a way of being a more effective listener for others.

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What Is One Thing Guys Don’t Understand About Being Men

San Diego Business Coach Greg Clowminzer in response to a coaching client question shares some insight into something men either don’t understand or is overlooked. In either case it is the demise of most men. Grab Your Free Strategy Session

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How To Avoid the Entrepreneurial Trap and Burnout

A Lifestyle Based Marketing And Business Model

San Diego Business Coach Greg Clowminzer shares a way to reprioritized your business model and thinking to avoid entrepreneurial burnout. He calls it making the shift from product and service based marketing to lifestyle based marketing.

1. Put your Passions first
2. People second
3. Profits third

Periscope is the perfect tools for making the shift into lifestyle based marketing.

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How To Create Your Weekly Success Plan

Are you frustrated by your inability to get more stuff done? Well you’re certainly not alone.

What is a weekly success plan? Weekly success plan is your blueprint for the week. A blueprint doesn’t happen by itself, so you actually have to carve out some planning time. Most people believe the best time to plan your week is Sunday evening or first thing Monday morning.

Here is a list of questions to help prompt to you in your weekly success planning session.

What are my top three business goals or objectives?

What are my top three personal goals or objectives?

What are my top three morning rituals to start each day with?

Do a mind dump of all the activities, ideas, and thoughts swimming around in your head.

What are the 1-3 daily activities that support you in accomplishing your business goals?

What are the 1-3 daily activities that support you in accomplishing your personal goals?

Scheduled a time to do your activities first. When will you do the activities that are critical to your personal and professional success? Get it in your calendar.

If it’s going get done it’s got to get scheduled.

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What Can Business Owners Learn From Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

San Diego Business Coach Greg Clowminzer shares some ideas about what business owners and professionals can learn from Mixed Martial …

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Full Practice Business Coaching FAQ

Develop and Maintain a Full Practice

Full Practice Business Coaching FAQ

Developing and maintaining a full professional practice depends on …

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