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Why Hire A Business Coach?

iStock 000011493906Small 300x199 Why Hire A Business Coach?Today there is a growing knowledge of the term business coach. Not many years back, very few people were familiar with the term or exactly what one did. More familiarity was in terms such as business advisors and business consultants. Even though these terms are often put in the same category as coaching, they are not the same. [...]

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How You And Your Coach Can Produce Extraordinary Results

LFXaHj7uyK 1410200982250 300x225 How You And Your Coach Can Produce Extraordinary Results

Most advanced coaches do not manage their clients, nor do they hold the client accountable. These are both useful tools when used by a manager with staff, and can work in the coaching relationship up to a point. However, the master coach wants to work with clients who want support guidance ideas and encouragement – not a manager.

It may seem right to expect your coach to manage you, and make sure you keep your word and get you back on track when you’ve become distracted. And you’d be right up to appoint, I mean it certainly is a part of the coaching relationship to do just that. [...]

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Design A Breakthrough Project That’s Based on Your Core Values

7k9Yv8iM6q 1409945322750 300x225 Design A Breakthrough Project That’s Based on Your Core Values

Goals help us focus, they let us know how were doing. But there are two types of goals — the ones really want and the ones you should do. Losing 10 pounds is a should goal, wearing those size 32 inch swim trunks is a want goal. You see, you want to set goals that excite and inspire. you.

There is a third type goal we will call it a breakthrough project. A breakthrough project is so big or is so cool that your whole life upgrades and shifts as a result of focusing on it. [...]

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My Top 5 Questions To Ask a Potential Coaching Client

1. What’s the biggest change you’d like to make in your life, assuming you had enough support to do it right?

2. If you hired me as your coach, what’s the first thing we would work on together?

3. What’s the hesitation about getting started?

4. How do you define success for yourself at this stage of your life?

5. What are the 3 biggest challenges you are facing right now in your business?

Perfect Your Life, Evolve Your Business!

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Personal Evolution – What’s Next?

Personal Evolution – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

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Why Your Boss Sucks at Management

Hello my friends it’s Greg Clowminzer here, your San Diego Business Coach. And in this video I want to talk about who manages the boss. That might be you, but who manages the boss.  So, let’ talk a little bit about management, so briefly there are a couple ways people get into a management position. One of the ways is by being an entrepreneur which automatically makes you the boss. However most of these people will not have the management skills necessary to develop their staff, and they may be really stressed out in growing the business. Although, they may have a brilliant mind, they also have a really hard time conveying there needs, wants and vision to the people around them. [...]

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Do You Need More Focus and Direction?

In this video San Diego Business Coach – Greg Clowminzer, talks about direction, specifically within the realm of coaching.

I would like to start off with a question for you to consider. If somebody came up to you and asked you for directions, what’s the first question that you’d asked them, what would be your natural response.

Just think about that for a minute.

Your first natural response would probably be something like, where are you trying to get to.  Within coaching a lot of times the clients gets to a point where they’re feeling frustrated, the coaching client may desire or feel they need more direction. And the coaches response to that is, in order for you to gain a sense of direction the first thing you really need to look at is destination.

Destination is the precursor to direction and without it, nobody can really help give you directions.

In business coaching one of our primary focus as business coaches, is on clarification of destination or clarification of outcomes. In this video, what I want for you, is to get into the mindset, of asking yourself where do I really want to get to.

Another way to approach this is to ask yourself, what do I really want, how do I want it to be,  how do I want it to look, how do I want it to feel.  Whatever “it” is whether it’s your business, your life, your relationship, or your sales goals.

Whatever “it” is, ask yourself, what do I really want.

Watch this video as I share a strategy for helping you gain context with this simple but sometimes overwhelming question.

Thanks for watching and please leave your comments below.

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What Kind of Business Coach Do You Need?

Greg Clowminzer here, your business coach.

In this video I will talk about the distinction between pure business coaching and …

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Stop Having Problems By Focusing On Your Core Values

In this video I want to talk about problems. Did you know that you can actually stop having problems. I …

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