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Business or Life Coach? – How To Choose The One That’s Right For You

163154 1797912270043 1306839176 32071310 2370951 n 300x199 Business or Life Coach?   How To Choose The One Thats Right For You There are so many coaches out there, from all walks of life. But if you are picking a coach to work with you, you can’t afford to make the wrong decision and start all over again with someone else. So how do you separate the sales spin from the reality and be confident that the coach you chose is right for you? [...]

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Why Hire A Business Coach?

iStock 000011493906Small 300x199 Why Hire A Business Coach?Today there is a growing knowledge of the term business coach. Not many years back, very few people were familiar with the term or exactly what one did. More familiarity was in terms such as business advisors and business consultants. Even though these terms are often put in the same category as coaching, they are not the same. [...]

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10 Reasons to Hire a Coach For Your Business

organizational development and leadership memo graphic 300x300 10 Reasons to Hire a Coach For Your Business1. TO KEEP UP
You can’t solve tomorrow’s issues with yesterday’s strategies. An experienced Coach helps you develop the capacity to handle the increased complexity of your world.

The Coach is trained to help you identify what’s important now and in the future as you create business results. Leveraging your time is critical. Short, focused coaching sessions move you forward quickly. [...]

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Why Your Boss Sucks at Management

Hello my friends it’s Greg Clowminzer here, your San Diego Business Coach. And in this video I want to talk about who manages the boss. That might be you, but who manages the boss.  So, let’ talk a little bit about management, so briefly there are a couple ways people get into a management position. One of the ways is by being an entrepreneur which automatically makes you the boss. However most of these people will not have the management skills necessary to develop their staff, and they may be really stressed out in growing the business. Although, they may have a brilliant mind, they also have a really hard time conveying there needs, wants and vision to the people around them. [...]

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Do You Need More Focus and Direction?

In this video San Diego Business Coach – Greg Clowminzer, talks about direction, specifically within the realm of coaching.

I would like to start off with a question for you to consider. If somebody came up to you and asked you for directions, what’s the first question that you’d asked them, what would be your natural response.

Just think about that for a minute.

Your first natural response would probably be something like, where are you trying to get to.  Within coaching a lot of times the clients gets to a point where they’re feeling frustrated, the coaching client may desire or feel they need more direction. And the coaches response to that is, in order for you to gain a sense of direction the first thing you really need to look at is destination.

Destination is the precursor to direction and without it, nobody can really help give you directions.

In business coaching one of our primary focus as business coaches, is on clarification of destination or clarification of outcomes. In this video, what I want for you, is to get into the mindset, of asking yourself where do I really want to get to.

Another way to approach this is to ask yourself, what do I really want, how do I want it to be,  how do I want it to look, how do I want it to feel.  Whatever “it” is whether it’s your business, your life, your relationship, or your sales goals.

Whatever “it” is, ask yourself, what do I really want.

Watch this video as I share a strategy for helping you gain context with this simple but sometimes overwhelming question.

Thanks for watching and please leave your comments below.

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What Kind of Business Coach Do You Need?

Greg Clowminzer here, your business coach.

In this video I will talk about the distinction between pure business coaching and personal coaching for the business owner.  These are two very distinct types of coaching.  I recently had a professional call me up, and they shared with me that they had been working with a business coach for many years. [...]

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Stop Having Problems By Focusing On Your Core Values

In this video I want to talk about problems. Did you know that you can actually stop having problems. I know you probably think I am crazy, it may sound like some pie in the sky idea but I assure you that it really is possible for you. You see for many people having problems is just a bad habit. It can give you a false sense of meaning in your life. [...]

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How to Succeed with Social Media

Hello my friends Greg Clowminzer here, your business coach.

In this video I want to talk about how to play nicer and be more effective in the social media sandbox.  I’m going to share with you some of the things that I’m noticing going on within social media landscape. So, I believe this is a really important video for you to watch particularly if you’re that old school professional, sales representative or marketing person trying to make a smooth transition into the social media game. [...]

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Make Content Creation a Success Habit

Greg Clowminzer here your San Diego Business Coach.

Start Scheduling Content Creation Time

If you’re a small business owner or …

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San Diego Business Coach Talks About Enlightened Leadership

Enlightened Leadership begins with an Enlightened Leader.

The enlightened leader works from the inside out. When faced with business challenges …

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Struggling With Procrastination? Breakthrough That Habit Now!

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy the benefits from overcoming procrastination? Who doesn’t want more peace of mind, self-confidence, and a …

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Google Hangouts – It’s Good For Business!

San Diego Business coach Greg Clowminzer, will be talking with San Diego North County Business owners and professionals about how
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