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“I was just reading Way of the Peaceful Warrior and I kept flashing over to how Greg is so much like the character Socrates in the book.

My life is incredible now with wealth, a beautiful family and and especially – huge amounts of joy. Greg is the best coach I’ve ever known. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Michael M.
San Diego, CA

“I’ve been in commercial real estate sales for 17 years and my 1st year of working with Greg (2018) yielded about double my average earnings… But the best part about it was I did it in a calmer and happier manner.

If you’re already successful but want to accentuate your purpose and take your earnings up, give this guy a call.”

Chris R.
San Diego, CA

“Greg helped me slow things down and get at what I really wanted. He helped me say no to the things that did not fit my goals and further engage in the things that do fit my goals.

Greg is great at helping you get from where you are to where you want to be, even if you don’t know what that is.”

Matthew K.
Goleta, CA

“Greg Clowminzer is truly an insightful and wonderful business coach. He has offered me support, helped me to grow into new areas in my business and has really taken the time to get to know and relate to the struggles I am facing. With his guidance in the first month of our working together I was able to increase my cash flow.

I would highly recommend Greg to anyone who is looking to grow their business. He is a valuable asset to my team and company and I would highly recommend him for anyone seeking both professional and/or personal growth.”

Rochelle C.
San Diego, CA

“6 months ago I didn’t know how to take my business to the next level. I tried different strategies, spent resources to move the needle, but nothing I tried really made the difference I was looking for.

I thought I wanted a consultant but what I wanted was a coach. Here’s the difference. A consultant will run through your numbers and offer advice. Greg does that, but in the context of a holistic approach so that you’re hitting your targets and running your business in a way that is fulfilling to you, your team, and your life outside of work. His approach sparks creativity and curiosity and drives genuine engagement in the way I work with my team, my tasks and our customers.

I would highly recommend Greg to anyone serious about getting on with business and life on a higher level.”

Aaron D.
Sacramento, CA

“Working with Greg has changed my outlook on my current situation and what is truly possible from an emotional heath perspective. For some reason I was struggling with anxiety during this period in my life which was definitely not the norm for my personality. It was crippling my business and infesting all areas of my life. I was confused as to what was going on and couldn’t pinpoint what was causing this.

After meeting with Greg, even just for the first time, my perception of how thought affects our reality shifted the way I approach problems, business and relationships. It was a game changer. I am forever grateful, not only for the most productive financial year of my career, but for the increased inner peace. Thank you Greg!”

Ryan S.
San Diego, CA

“Greg hosted a 3 day training program/workshop that my team and I attended last weekend.

In those three days, Greg proved to be an inspirational speaker, thoughtful listener, and most importantly an effective guide.

The content is simple, but powerful. The delivery was candid, but moving. The message was concise, but life-changing.

Everyone wrestles with stress and anxiety. If you are tired of that fight, Greg is the man to speak to.”

Drew S.
San Diego, CA

“Greg is an exceptional coach with a truly holistic approach to his clients.

Not only can he help you build a better business, but what is more important, you will be able to realize through his 3 Principles teachings that we always have a choice to live a better, happier life. When we found Greg, my business partner and I were getting ready to separate and sell the business due to our misunderstandings and what we thought were irreconcilable differences between us. Three months into our meetings with Greg, we can clearly see that each has something unique to bring to the table and we are more committed to growing our company than ever before.

Anyone who needs guidance on how to better maneuver in life, both personally and professionally will benefit from Greg’s coaching methods. He is knowledgeable, caring, and genuine and I highly recommend him!”

Eva B.
Carlsbad, CA

“I started working with Greg about a year ago. I can’t say enough about how he has helped me both in business and life. I have had a few different business and life coaches in the past. Greg is unique in that he can offer guidance in both realms. One day Greg can help me resolve a unique business issue I am experiencing and the next help me improve my relationships.

I have also had the pleasure of attending one of his 3 day immersion events. The impact this has had on me is hard to put into words. Afterwards, it is like looking at the world through a different lens. I highly recommend Greg’s workshops and coaching expertise.”

Chris W.
Portland, OR

“Working with Greg has been very beneficial. The exposure to the 3 Principals has begun a profound shift in my understanding of how the mind works. I just finished a 3 day group immersion event with Greg that went deep into learning the principals. It’s still sinking in, however I am already experiencing insights that have helped see more clearly and get unstuck when negative thinking occurs. Greg is very open and friendly so if your interested, having brief free phone consultation is a great way to see if he’s a fit for you (with no risk) – that’s what I did after learning about him from a close friend – I’m glad I did. Wishing you well.”

Alex M.
Austin, TX

“Greg led a 3 day workshop for my Coworkers and I which produced some phenomenal results. Each day we focused on learning and understanding how to live a happier more satisfied life. Its hard to narrow it down to a couple of highlights but I can confidently say that everyone that attended those sessions left with a more positive future ahead of them.

The training/coaching Greg provided us with was fun, innovative (to me at least), and was exactly what we needed to grow as a group.

Anyone looking for a coach or looking to grow their business should definitely hit up Greg, you’ll look back and be super glad you did!”

Robert R.
Bonita, CA

“Greg is one of those unusual individuals who manages to bring together insights into the most etheric aspects of life – ideas, mind, aspirations – with a down-to-earth no-nonesense approach to what is simple right now – and how can you move forward with effortless grace. He is both intuitive and experienced, and offers his own integrated blend of Eastern and Western wisdom combined with humor and new perspectives. The opportunity to have a discovery call with him is not to be missed, and his authenticity and depth of insight will compel you to see things afresh, and consider higher aspirations. Just do it.”

Michael B.
Melbourne, Australia

“I started coaching with Greg three years ago and he has helped me tremendously. Not only with my business decisions but also with my personal challenges. He has a wealth of information and cuts to the core of your issues, so you can get a quick solution and resolution. I highly recommend him.”

Rick G.
Encinitas, CA

“I have been a successful Acupuncturist for many years. A couple years ago I had a stroke that caused me to slow down. A few months ago, I felt ready to rebuild and wanted someone to pay attention and help me forge a new path. Greg has been masterful. His experience with people and business has made him a perfect fit for me. It’s easy to tell he has been coaching many years. He is very generous with his material. He has helped me create and pushes me to the right amount. His own integrity, communication and knowledge have been great to work with.

I HIGHLY recommend Greg. And yes… I am back on my path!”

Bertram F.
San Diego, CA

“Greg brings things back to the “now”. This ability is very hard to find and makes Greg a special coach. He can relate on many levels and being “seen” and understood is the best first step to creating a good coaching relationship. My time and money are well invested with Greg. Already I’ve seen positive changes in my life due to our sessions.”

James M.
Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA

“If it wasn’t for Greg’s support and encouragement there’s a good chance that my first foray into entrepreneurship would have been a total failure. When the going got tough I was tempted to bow out and call it quits. Greg’s steady hand helped keep me in the game.

I hired him because I wanted to make sure that one way or another I was going to make my coaching business a success. I knew that if I committed to working with Greg for a full year that he’d keep me from hitting the eject button.

Greg also helped me understand the key to success as mastering the inner game. His teachings of the Three Principles helped me get to a point where I felt at peace and content with my life despite the circumstances.

When I finally reached this point in my life everything seemed to shift. It was during that time that I began attracting the clients, relationships and resources that have allowed me to experience real success.

With Greg’s help I’ve been able to accomplish my goal of establishing a successful coaching practice. I couldn’t have done it without him.”

Adam M.
San Francisco, CA

“I am currently working with Greg Clowminzer to create a new business for myself. I am an attorney with many years of experience as a legal writer. My idea has been germinating with me for a while and I had taken some steps on my own to bring my business to fruition. However, I could not seem to build a sustainable foundation.

Then I sat down with Greg. Initially I thought we would tackle the mechanics of my idea and push immediately into the operations aspects. But I was wrong; and gratefully so. Instead, we started at the beginning with an inner self exploration of the true vision of what I wanted to accomplish and why. Some might call it the “core” of my passion; encompassing a real life look at what I love to do and a plan to turn that into a viable business. And while the procedural aspects of creating a business are important, it is significantly more important to work with someone who is willing to help you take a look at the truth of who you are. From this vantage point the authenticity of your desires, and the ability to create a sustainable business model, is an achievable goal. This is Greg’s greatest gift and talent. It is an invaluable asset because working from a place of true passion, breeds continual success.”

Marymichelle L.
San Francisco, CA

“I was transitioning in my career from leading a global department to running the day-to-day of a small business. Stepping into coaching, I felt I had most of the right tools, that I understood the “academic side” of leadership, but Greg helped me understand the heart of it. By this, I was able to take my professional relationships to another level. There was a byproduct of my personal relationships also seeing improvement.

Greg would challenge my thinking and actions with thought provoking questions and exercises. He held me accountable to my weekly assignments, called me out when I was straying and stretched my limitations only to find there was another goal to strive passing. No topic was off the table. We addressed all levels of communications and relationships within the organization, team building, executive retreats, career development guidance and coaching skills.

Coaching from Greg really helped launch my leadership, and more importantly, helped me better understand and take my relationships to the next level. I would recommend Greg to anyone seeking to up-level their toolbox, leadership skills and relationship development.”

Richard P.
Ramona, CA

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