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San Diego Business Coach

Greg Clowminzer is a transformational business and life coach with over 10,000 hours of real time coaching experience. Greg coaches and consults with CEOs, small business owners and professionals, helping them clarify their vision, create unique strategies for success and develop the necessary skills to win at the game of business and succeed in the game of life.

Greg Clowminzer also known as Zen Coach a spiritual teacher, life success coach and publisher of Daily Wisdom online coaching tips. He’s been studying small business success, personal leadership, marketing, business development along with martial arts, mindfulness practices, meditation, shamanic healing arts, humanistic psychology, yoga, life coaching, and other spiritual and esoteric traditions from around the world for the last 20+ years — and by now should know to keep his mouth shut — but has too much information he wants to share with you in order to transform you into a total master of living a life of SUCCESS and TRUE HAPPINESS – one that you can operate effectively in a cool and sexy way in today’s modern world.

You will often catch Greg ranting about conscious entrepreneurship, integrating passion, profit and peace, enlightened leadership, refining human capital, as well as eloquent riffs into the nature of conscious loving relationships.

Coaching Specialties: ♦ Coaching via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime ♦ Strategic Plan Coaching ♦ Management Development ♦ Sales Coaching ♦ Conflict Resolution ♦ Leading Round Table Discussions ♦ Facilitating Mastermind Groups ♦ Coaching via Telephone ♦ Coaching Intensives ♦ The Coaches Coach Program ♦ Group Coaching ♦ Conscious Business Development ♦ Mindful Leadership Development ♦ Life Coaching ♦ Life-Style Coaching ♦ Personal and Professional Coaching and Training ♦ Enlightened Selling ♦ Strategies for Karmic Capitalism ♦ Integrating Profit, Passion and Peace ♦ Meditation and Spiritual Coaching ♦ Conscious Relationship Coaching ♦ Authentic Communication and Insight Training ♦ Leading Enlightenment Intensives ♦ Speaker ♦ Trainer

Greg lives in Carlsbad, California and coaches with entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals, helping them awaken to a greater purpose and meaning in their personal and professional lives. Greg uses a blend of eastern and western views as a means of introducing people to the untapped potential of the human spirit. Greg is most passionate about leading Enlightenment Intensives a Zen-like meditation retreat where he teaches people the lost art of true-self reflection and the uncommon practice of authentic communication. Call or write to schedule a  complimentary coaching consultation. I may be reached by phone at (760) 930-9604

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