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An Invitation From:
Cuyla Coogan and Greg Clowminzer
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Accelerating Insights

Contemplating Universal Mind, Consciousness and Thought

Begins Monday March 2nd, 2020 

A simple, partnered practice for deepening insights
and understanding of the Three Principles.

By coming together we will create a supportive, collaborative, and engaging community, where we can experience the benefits of contemplative practices designed to accelerate deeper understanding into the Nature of Universal Mind, Consciousness and Thought.

What seems to be consistent with 1st generation teachers of the understanding is to point people in the right direction and let the insights and understanding do all of the work. 

Reflect.   Awaken.   Deepen.   Share.

Cuyla Coogan and Greg Clowminzer will facilitate a group of people who are interested in deepening their understanding of the Three Principles through a contemplative practice.

The practice is simply an opportunity for individuals to contemplate or reflect the nature of Universal Mind, Thought and Consciousness and then share their insights with their practice partner.

Participants will engage in a powerful practice that includes deep listening, inquiry and insight based dialogue. The practice is intended for deep inquiry and meaningful exploration that fosters a realized understanding of the Three Principles during our time together.

The primary aim is to provide a space for participants to look within themselves and to discover an insight that has the power to transform a person’s  life.

Accelerating Insights is a space to explore the Three Principles via the power of a contemplative practice.

It does NOT offer:

Easy answers and step-by-step solutions; there is no single “how to” that can be applied to this work.

It is simply two people who have a sincere interest in realizing what the Three Principles are pointing to.

All change occurs through insight, understanding and realization.

We are simply creating an environment for accelerated insights.

Accelerating insights is a vision of helping people unpack their innate wisdom and deepen their understanding of the nature of the Three Principles through a contemplative practice.

The deeper feeling that tends to accompany the understanding is where the real power is.

In order to deepen a persons understanding there seems to be a couple things that are helpful which is to look in the right direction, reflect, relax, and for people to share what they are seeing.

What does it look like?

This is an live online program that meets once a week for one hour, where participants will be taught a simple communicating and relating practice.

We will be using Zoom video conferncing where people will be paired up with and practice with a partner via Zoom breakout rooms.

We will spend our time primarily in contemplative practice looking into the nature of the Three Principles.

The practice is easy to learn where 2 people come together via a video conference call, taking turns being an active contemplator while the other person practices presence and deep listening.

This practice is extremely powerful and yet easy to overlook much like the Three Principles.

The practice and nature of contemplation is to move a person beyond the intellect, clear innocent misunderstanding, unpack an individuals innate wisdom and to directly experience the object of ones contemplation.

Participants will have an opportunity to both see and experience for themselves the difference between intellectualizing and directly accessing  an intelligence beyond preconceived ideas and concepts.

Watch A Demo of How The Practice Works

Dates: March 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd 

Time: 6:00PM -7:00PM Pacific Time (Mondays)

Monthly Membership Fee Only: $197.00

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Step 3.
 Join the call each week and we’ll do 2 practices a) a warm up and b) a deepening practice so that you’ll walk away with a nice feeling, new insights and a deeper understanding. 

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