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Tame Your Inner Critic Before It Ruins Your Business

If you gave your inner genius as much credence as your inner critic,
you would be light years ahead of where you now stand. — Alan Cohen

Reflect. Change. Grow.

I have been on a deep dive with understanding the nature of thought and it’s implication for all people but mostly professionals since that’s who I work with the most.

I was talking with a friend about some earlier training and work I had done with Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves.

In the psychology of selves understanding we all have these different personas or identities that get born within our psyche and can often interfere with what we’re trying to get done in life.

Meet The Inner Critic

There is one particular known as the Inner Critic.

As I have been sitting with my new understanding of how the mind works what I am seeing is fascinating.

Our personas or identities are no more than a cluster of habitual thought patterns that have clotted together making people highly susceptible to a stroke of misfortune.

So, I wanted to take a moment and expose this villain that is responsible for eroding peoples self-worth and self-esteem.

I’ll be brief.

The inner critic is simply a sub-personality and gets born within all of us.

In order for the critic to remain alive within us there must be thought.

Sub-personalities are no more than a cluster of habitual thoughts that have become fixated, creating an illusionary persona of being something real and formidable to deal with.

The Inner Critic is a voice within each of us that criticizes us mercilessly. It is relentless in it’s ability to spot all of our short comings faster than the speed of light.

The Inner Critic is what feeds our insecure thoughts.

The Inner Critic takes it upon itself a 24/7 job of examining and policing our every thought, feeling, and attitude.

It is also keeping a close eye on how well we are doing, while also keeping  a close eye on what everyone else is doing so that it can let you know in no uncertain terms how well you’re doing.

The Inner critic is the source of many of my coaching clients difficulties when it come to both growing their business and even working with a coach.

The Critic will have you second guessing in your ability to learn, grow and change and will also attack you for even considering wanting to reach out for help.

You must learn how to tame your inner critic or it will rob you of the life you where born to live.

Key Points

Here are few things to keep in mind.

    1. The inner critic is not real
    2. As you wake up to the nature of your inner critic you will stop entertaining it.
    3. The more you wake up to the fact the you are living in a world of thought the more freedom and joy you will experience.
    4. Remember you don’t have to be afraid of thought.

For my clients who have woken up to the nature of thought they are beginning  to notice their ability to relax and enjoy life way more than they ever imaged was possible.

The Promise

People with just the slightest understanding of how your mind works and where your experience is coming from, allows people start to experience more clarity, direction and peace of mind.

Mastering the inner game of life and business is both rewarding and practical but easy to overlook.

The happiness, freedom, success and joy you are looking for is much more attainable then you might think.

Don’t let you inner critic get the best of you.


Greg (Inner Dragon Slayer) Clowminzer
San Diego Business Coach