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What People Are Saying About Greg Clowminzer Business and Life Coach

oI am currently being coached by Greg.  I have been a successful Acupuncturist for many years. A couple years ago I had a stroke that caused me to slow down. A few months ago, I felt ready to rebuild and wanted someone to pay attention and help me forge a new path. Greg has been masterful. His experience with people and business has made him a perfect fit for me.  It’s easy to tell he has been coaching many years. He is very generous with his material. He calls and checks in on me. He has helped me create and pushes me to the right amount. His own integrity, communication and knowledge have been great to work with.   I also teach a business class at one of the local colleges.  I had Greg come in and speak to the class about business and when to use a coach.  He completely related to the class, gave them great information that they could use, and provided them an access to success.  His talk was well received.  I HIGHLY recommend Greg.  And yes… I am back on my path! www.AcupunctureAndYou.com

10896979_10203419432027539_5769357346434906710_nAfter struggling for the first year of starting my own business, it became painfully clear to me that I needed to hire a business coach. After scouring the Internet, I looked at several business coaching programs, what I found was most of the coaching programs were a one-size-fits-all, paint by numbers type of programs. What concerned me was they  seemed to be impersonal and scripted, often lacking in the personal contact that I needed in working with a coach. In addition, I was fearful that I would not see results quickly, and quit the program.

Greg Clowminzer’s  individualized, one-on-one business coaching has been a blessing for me, both personally as well as with my business. He listens intently to my struggles and needs, and offers creative, implementable solutions that have drastically improved if my business and my life as a husband and father.  I highly recommend Greg to professional business men looking to improve their life and business. Thanks to Greg, I now see the two as inextricably linked. ~Alex Kajitani, California Teacher of the Year www.alexkajitani.com

0283708Greg is one of those unique business coaches who helps determine the bottlenecks hindering your career progression by considering the complete picture of “You”. He works with you, to massage out the answers and to shift the paradigms stalling your personal and professional success. I highly recommend Greg in providing foundation-to-skyscraper coaching, using solid developmental processes and a ‘whole person’ approach. I am grateful for the self-directed grounding and empowerment he has bestowed upon me, and expect I will collaborate with Greg for many years to come. –Rachel Kelly Owner Sales Box Consulting

536213_10152038962432258_2146904629_nGreg is truly a master at his craft and anyone looking for a top notch life coach or business coach would be wise to contact him. I have been working with Greg since Oct of 2012, and can absolutely say his expertise, wisdom, and support have made a huge difference in my life. Life coaching and business coaching is integral to one’s success and fulfillment and I consider myself fortunate to have found Greg on the internet. I can also testify that he is wonderful person and a great friend. I have found his expertise and teaching in the areas of communication, relationship and spirituality to be especially helpful and consider him a guru of sorts in these fields. Although he doesn’t look old, he has been doing this work for a quite a long time. As a mortgage professional and small business owner, Greg has helped me to grow and develop in the areas of personal growth, professional development, marketing strategy, motivation, and leadership. –Beau Hodson Owner Transparent Mortgage

“Working with Greg is a pleasure and very beneficial; not only with my business but with my personal life. He has given me the guidance and motivation to take charge and push myself beyond my normal capacity. My business has improved immensely while practicing his teachings.

For anyone seeking personal and business advancement, I highly recommend Greg Clowminzer. The worst thing you could do, is to do nothing, talk to Greg if you want to excel your success.”
— Sam Goodwin, Owner HOCOA- San Diego

“Greg’s coaching style is very insightful, direct, and cuts to the heart of what is vital in growing not only a successful business, but in becoming a whole and happy individual. I believe this is what sets him apart from other coaches. He cares deeply for the people he works with, and all of his suggestions and approaches are all about bringing out the best in his clients. ”
— Jeff Bibler, Director, Better Report Card Tutors

At our recent event, our guest speaker Greg Clowminzer gave a compelling presentation on what it means to “Awaken” and truly become a “Conscious Entrepreneur,” and an “Enlightened Leader”….where money and meaning come together with purpose and passion! Thank you, Greg, for a wonderful evening.
— Lisa Norton, Founder San Diego Power Networking

“I spent time with Greg, digging through time management and organizational matters i was trying to conquer. Greg’s work is unlike any other coach/consultant I have ever met with in my professional career. Greg starts with questions to define the key issues, then has an “in-your-face” style he applied with me that cracks through the armor we all put up immediately, and gets to the root of your challenge. I continue to work with Greg and am always amazed at his character and passion to make us better without a bunch of BS along the way. Thanks Greg!”
— Jason Smith, State Farm Insurance, Jason Smith Agency

“I started working with Greg a few years back and highly recommend him for anyone ready to live their greatest truth. My coaching with Greg started long distance and now I am fortunate to benefit from his knowledge and expertise face to face. Greg provides a service that is invaluable and anyone who hasn’t had the experience of working with Greg is missing out.”

— Debra Stella

“Greg is a very honest, to the point, no games, no nonsense type of coach! He is very smart, well read, very knowledgeable of what he does and of human behaviors, and he is also compassionate and very caring. I highly recommend him as a business coach/life coach! For anyone experiencing a “stuck” kind of feeling, Greg is the right answer to unstuck you! Kudos to Greg!
— Carmenza David

“Greg is a creative guy who helps you stretch your boundries and perhaps see things in a new light
— Duncan Pearce

“As my personal and business coach Greg has helped me pour the foundation that all of my success is built upon. Working with Greg is non-confrontational yet challenging, simple yet profound, and always extremely useful. Greg has helped me identify barriers to my success, proved to me how absurd those barriers are, and provided me with tools to practice succeeding. “
— Lou McGovern


“Greg is the consummate coach and loves doing it. He has the ability to make practical the principles of personal growth and consciousness so his clients can express their best and reach beyond. A true BE Isness coach. ”
— Charles Richards, Ph.D


“Greg works superbly with high performing professionals who have hit a brick wall in their lives or careers. He helped me re-design my career strategy without giving up my values. Greg’s workshops enhanced my learning and development during the coaching process. I also appreciated his focus on the “whole person” and commitment to life balance. Thanks to Greg, I learned earlier in my career that money and wealth are not synonymous. He helped me design my own “wealth formula” and I am more satisfied as a result. If you’re ready to raise your performance bar, call Greg NOW. “

— Lisa Nirell author,’EnergizeGrowth NOW: The Marketing Guide to a Wealthy Company” and founder of EnergizeGrowth LLC

“Greg was not only a consummate professional but he was great to work with and had an uncanny way of getting to my “issues” with laser like precision thereby creating real value for my coaching session(s). I felt at times that he was reading my mind which rapidly helped achieve what I wanted and needed in order to take the next step. I highly recommend Greg to anyone whether it be a bettering of a relationship, business or life in general. He is a great coach and worth every penny.”

— Paula Hawley


“I would highly recommend Greg as a Life and Business Coach. He’s an entrepreneur at heart so he can fully understand and guide someone in coaching their business as well as life. He’s compassionate and caring so in working with him you fully feel he’s right there with you wanting your success and encouraging you to manifest your dreams. He was a zen like spirit so instantly being around him you feel more grounded and present to your journey. He is a wonderful person to have in your life!!”

— Tami Magaro



“I give Greg my unqualified endorsement for business and personal coaching. His deep understanding of how business and personal psychology work together will focus your skills toward ever greater success. You will be nothing short of amazed at the clarity of vision you will receive in Greg’s ‘care.”
— Claudia Jean


“I have been coaching with Greg for the last 3 months and have had tremendous break through’s and growth. I highly recommend Greg to anyone who is ready to move forward and live their life with passion.”
— Rick Galla, Chiro Solutions Family Wellness Center


“I recently spent time with Greg and took part in a “coaching intensive” with Greg as the facilitator. I found that the 3 days I spent with Greg were life changing and allowed me to look deeply into the much larger picture of life.”
— Nigel Bennett

“Greg’s deep understanding of life combined with his knowledge on eastern philosophy and western psychology is truly remarkable! I’d strongly recommend any one to make use of his service if you are thinking about it.”
— Murali Navaneethan

“I could have checked every box regarding best attributes, because Greg not only is producing results for my landscape design business, he is doing it in a very novel, organic way. We have been working on establishing an internet presence and he has been truly remarkable with creative business ideas. Working with Greg has been a very worthwhile and enjoyable process. I can’t say enough good things about him.”
— Steve Harbour

“Greg is deeply knowledgeable, conscious and aware. He has a passion for supporting others in achieving their potential and I know from personal experience he succeeds at that. His integrity is solid and he is consistently well prepared as a coach and facilitator.”
— Kim Leahy

“I would like to say because of working with Greg I was able to clearly identify and actually pursue my goals. He has a unique and poignant way of working where you feel completely understood and then completely inspired after each coaching session. Because of working with Greg, I am well on my way to achieving my goals! He is an exceptional coach with a true talent and passion for transformation. You will definitely see positive change in your life after working with him.”

— Monica  Park, NLP Life Coach




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