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An Inside Out Approach To Business

Mastering the inner game of business is a journey of self-exploration that focuses on the three principles of mind, consciousness and thought. It is through the understanding of the three principles that business success becomes internally driven instead of reacting to oustside circumstances. This approach differs from traditional business coaching and consulting which  traditionally focuses on how to improve performance via external factors .

With traditional business principles success is driven by outside forces including sales, marketing, the economy and consumer interests. All of these forces are external and beyond the control of the average business person.  Therefore, these forces often facilitate an entrepreneurial experience that vacillates according to the ups and downs of daily business.  This vacillation can cause business owners to feel drained, both financially and emotionally, creating tremendous stress and unhappiness.

Despite this fact, many small business owners often remain tethered to the belief that if we pursue our business and personal goals in accordance with the norm, we will reach our defined pinnacle of success, and we will be happy. As such, many businesses begin by setting out to achieve business milestones and fincancial goals that will not only sustain the business, but also an attempt to fulfill the busniess owner. And sometimes, this is successful. However, on occasion, we find that upon arriving at the juncture of our dreams and their fruition, we feel disappointed, unsatisfied and confused. We are left uncertain as to how this could have happened. We perceive that the puzzle is complete, the pieces are aligned, and yet, we are disconnected from our joy, our excitement and our sense of fulfillment.

In this traditional scenario we have obviously demonstrated the ability to achieve the financial success we set out to accomplish. We have exhibited the drive and the intention to take ourselves wherever we want to go. So there must be some other factor that is missing.  And there is. There is a key ingredient that is blatantly absent from our apparent success. To cure the problem, we must define the missing link.

But to do this, we have to be willing to explore our understanding of how we function in the world. We must be willing to look at the various levels of our motivation. While our initial drive might be to create a place of financial security, we are now aware that simply living inside of this safe creation isn’t enough. Our motivation must germinate from a place of greater consciousness.

In order to achieve a greater understanding of ourselves and realign our journey professionally and personally, we have to go to the genesis of human satisfaction; that being a sense of connectedness to ourselves, our relationships, our work and our existence as a whole. It is imperative that we come to recognize that we are universally united in the three principles of mind, consciousness and thought. Without this recognition we become disconnected from humanity.  Hence, when we are lacking in a sense of unitedness with humanity and ourselves, our level of success financially and otherwise, becomes insufficient to sustain our happiness.

Mind, consciousness and thought are the foundation uderlying the human experience and the driver for our individual state of mind. It is through our personal state of mind that we are able to master our thoughts and moods in the moment. And, while it is true that our thoughts change from moment to moment, we do have choice over which thoughts we give energy and attention too. When we master our ability of which thoughts to give energy too, we see that we are the creators of our own experience which is occuring in the present moment. If our thought is only of this moment, and our moods are driven by our thoughts, then our corresponding mood will match the reality of the moment. Therefore, if our state of mind remains connected to the moment, then our thoughts and feelings will inherently follow. As such, we will achieve a greater sense of peace that will be generated from our own internal understanding, rather than outside circumstances.

Once we incorporate this realization into all aspects of our daily lives, we can begin to explore the three principles of mind, consciousness and thought, in the context of their relationship to our financial and personal successes. Recognizing that our state of mind, thoughts, mood, behavior, performance and results are all interdependent, creates a new approach to our days that will enhance our ability to handle the ups and downs of our professions and our personal lives.

By continuing to explore, we will come to understand that our thoughts change moment to moment; continually depicting our current reality. And, where our thoughts go, so go our feeling states. Hence, a positive thought begets a positive mood. Our enhanced thought and mood then drives our behavior. When our thoughts and moods are uplifting, our behavior is likely to be consistent and calm. Coming from a place of grounded behavior, our performance is piqued and our results inherently intensify. From this vantage point our business and personal experiences become balanced. We find the excitement of our work and joy of our personal freedoms harmonize, our peace of mind stabilizes, and opportunities naturally open up and come forward to meet us.

By coming to a new understanding of how the three principles of mind, consciousness and thought feed our state of mind, drive our thoughts, create our moods and determine our behavior, we can increase our performance and enhance our results. The genesis of this change is intrinsically grounded and internally driven. Therefore, it is inherently more secure from the vacillating influences of the outer world of business.

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