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Clarity Of Mind The Key To High Performance

Most people would agree that clarity of mind is a good thing.

Yet those very same people innocently are involved with stirring up the bee hive of excessive thought.

Although people see clarity of mind as a helpful approach to any life encounter, it’s usually the last place they focus on to solve recurring problems, challenges and issues.

I had this really cool experience this week when going though my morning routine.

I was in the bathroom getting ready for my day when I noticed of how quiet everything seemed to be.

And then I realized it wasn’t quiet out there but my mind had settled to an even deeper level of quiet.  

It was a familiar quiet, the kind that comes from hours of meditation practice but I hadn’t done anything.

So, how do I explain what happened?

As both a student and teacher of the inside out understanding I am seeing and experiencing life based on a sound logic of my psychology and being less run by illusions or superstitious whims.

Here is an example.

I had this situation with someone and I saw how I had completely given away my power to this person thinking that they had something to do with my level of security and happiness.

I quickly remembered that my security and happiness have absolutely nothing to do with what’s going on out there in the world of circumstance.

And, that any unhappiness or insecure feelings that I am experiencing can only come from me.

Yes, I always, only feel my thinking in the moment.

And, I NEVER, EVER feel my circumstances.

What continues to happen for me, is every time I wake up to where my feelings and experience are coming from it pull the plug on extraneous thought.

Less thought equals clarity of mind.

Something for you to consider to gain insight into your own clarity of mind.

Begin to notice how you innocently misplace the source of your happiness, security and well-being outside of you my completing the following statements.

I will feel secure when…

I will be happy when…

I’ll feel peace of mind…

Wishing you clarity and peace of mind.

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