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Have You Ever Been Laughed At Or Disregarded?

I am going to share an important discovery I have made after coaching hundreds of people.

Are you ready?

Okay, here it is. Share the stuff that keeps you small in order to get big.

Don’t worry your coach doesn’t need to know your deep dark secrets. Those are yours to keep as long as you like.

What will help you benefit from coaching is to share the private concerns you have about yourself and your abilities.

You see, just in communicating these things to someone who is trained to listen to you openly without any judgement is often all it takes to move through these self doubts and fear.

Have you ever been laughed at or disregarded for sharing an idea or feeling that was real for you?

If it has happened to you enough, chances are you simply stop sharing those important thoughts and feelings with another.

And when you stop communicating what is real for you one’s growth and development slows down measurably.

Did you know that can actually die of disease caused by this kind of hurt or by an unnatural attempt at withholding what MUST be share with another in order to be well?

My challenge to you here is find someone on someones who are able to do the following for you.

1. Listen to you fully, without adding anything.

2. Get all of you during your sharing – that is to
listen by standing in your shoes.

3. Accept you fully, regardless of what you are saying.

4. Make you right even when you not, because you are.

5. Consistently see and acknowledge your best even when
you cannot.

One of the many advantages of having a coach is that your coach is there for you and always puts you first.

With friends, family and business partners, they’ll need their time at some point, too.

And, being human, they may not be able hear or handle your innermost thoughts and concerns.

But a coach is trained to hear just about anything and not have it get in the way of their relationship with you.

And yes, after close to 20 years of coaching, I have heard it all.

So remember this, the more you are willing and able to share your fears, concerns, thoughts, opinions and needs you have with you coach, the easier you will reach your goals and express your values.

Your Partner In Success,

Greg Clowminzer

PS Please remember that at any time you feel ready to move forward and acquire the professional help that can enable you to achieve your dreams just give me a call at (760) 930-9604 and discover for yourself the many benefits of coaching.


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