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Stop Consuming and Copying, Start Creating

At some point you must stop looking at what everyone else is doing in your industry and come up with your own unique message around your own voice.
Yeah, but I don’t have time to create. I am in survival mode and I need to make something happen with my business.
Many professional feel a tremendous amount of pressure to perform, to get some points on the board.
But you want to know how they spend their time. Doing research.
What I call getting ready to to get ready.
This can look like a lot of different things. Like studying what your competitors are doing, reading and watching videos related to your industry. Maybe even continuing your education with more and more certifications.
I am not saying that it’s not helpful to do a little market research and master your craft but many professionals get stuck here.

You want have a healthy content creation and content consumption ratio. Shoot for 50/50 and you will be light years ahead of your competition.
Stop just consuming and copying and unleash your creative potential into the world.
Now, think about an issue that your customers are having and speak to it by creating a piece of content.

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