Topgrading – How To Successfully Hire Top Talent

My guest for this episode of Unlocking Human Potential is Kevin Lawrence.

San Diego Business Coach Greg Clowminzer talks with Kevin about one of the biggest business challenges growth companies face and how to succeed at hiring top talent and a surefire way of weeding out low performers.

Coach Kevin suggests reading Who by Geoff Smart and Randy Street for a simplified  overview of Topgrading.

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Stop Consuming and Copying, Start Creating

At some point you must stop looking at what everyone else is doing in your industry and come up with your own unique message around your own voice.
Yeah, but I don’t have time to create. I am in survival mode and I need to make something happen with my business.
Many professional feel a tremendous amount of pressure to perform, to get some points on the board.
But you want to know how they spend their time. Doing research.
What I call getting ready to to get ready.
This can look like a lot of different things. Like studying what your competitors are doing, reading and watching videos related to your industry. Maybe even continuing your education with more and more certifications.
I am not saying that it’s not helpful to do a little market research and master your craft but many professionals get stuck here.

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Top 12 Reasons Why People Reach Out To Me For Coaching

Top 12 Reasons Why People Reach Out To Me For Coaching

1. Looking for direction on which way to take the business.

2. Overwhelmed with too many ideas and need a sounding board in order to get clear about which ideas or opportunities to pursue.

3. Too busy reacting and problem-solving instead of focusing on what’s most important.

4. Being run by their fear of letting down – family, employees, clients/customers.

5. Feeling stuck without a game plan. Read more

How To Handle The Ups and Downs Of Business

Francesco Barbera and Greg Clowminzer discuss how to handle the dips, ups and downs in business based on the understanding of the 3 Principles.

If you are interested in learning about a new paradigm for being in business where fresh ideas are common place and peace of mind is the signature strength of the business leader then make sure to grab a no cost business strategy session and experience the power of coaching for yourself.

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How To Avoid the Entrepreneurial Trap and Burnout

A Lifestyle Based Marketing And Business Model

San Diego Business Coach Greg Clowminzer shares a way to reprioritized your business model and thinking to avoid entrepreneurial burnout. He calls it making the shift from product and service based marketing to lifestyle based marketing.

1. Put your Passions first
2. People second
3. Profits third

Periscope is the perfect tools for making the shift into lifestyle based marketing.

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Feeling Like A Fraud In Your Business?


Are you feeling like a fraud, and hope no one finds you out?

Welcome to the “Fraud Factor”.

It’s when a professional doubts the value they have to offer their clients, customers and audiences. The Fraud Factor generally shows up when someone is new or just starting out in a career or profession. This may be someone who has acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge in an existing field working as an employee for someone else and now they are wanting to offer their services as a self-employed consultant. Read more