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Freedom, It’s Not Out There

There is a great misunderstanding about freedom.

I have always been interested in freedom.

Freedom is one of my highest values in life.

I’ve stressed over and wasted a lot of time trying to manage people, money, and situations in my life as an attempt to experience freedom.

What I never realized was, that freedom is an inside job. Nor did I realize that what I was actually after was psychological freedom.

As I see it now there is no amount of freedom in the physical world that can ever satisfy psychological freedom.

And, with psychological freedom I’ve become less anxious about what I have, or don’t have, and what I can do or not do. Real Freedom.

If you look at some of the definitions in pop psychology or personal development you’ll see definitions like this. Freedom: The ability to do whatever I want, whenever I want, with whoever I want, for long as I want. All of these abilities seem to be propped up on some sort of external milestones or attainments in order to reach this level or definition of freedom.

The way I see it freedom does not come from, nor is it sourced  upon anything outside myself.

Freedom is an inside job. And what’s required of that inside job is to understand how all humans function. Another way of saying that is understanding how the mind works and how life works.

Whether you want to experience true freedom, powerfully impact the lives of the people around you, experience a renewed feeling of being alive, or if you simply want more clarity and direction, then you will want to learn about 3 Principles – A Foundation For Realizing Human Potential and how they will allow you to effortlessly transform your life.

And, yes it’s an inside job.

Are you ready to be free?


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