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Take The Small Business Success Quiz

Successful and profitable small businesses leave clues

If you’re a small business owner, high-end sales professional, consultant, coach, or professional service provider then the following checklist can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and can put you on the fast track for a rewarding, successful and profitable business.

Feel free to use this list with your team to get a sense of where you are and to inspire a high standard of professional excellence.


If the statement is true, check. If not, leave it blank until you’ve done what it takes for it to be a full YES. Be rigorous; be a hard grader. If the statement does not apply or will never be true for you, check it and give yourself credit.


_I know what clients and project bring out my best work.

_I know who my target market is for client acquisition.

_I know who my qualified referral partners are.

_I am 2 or 3 steps ahead of my clients and inform them what the next step is.

_I manage my clients expectations up front.

_I have high personal and professional standards.

_I consistently look for ways to add value to my clients.

_I have zero headache clients.

_I only work with clients who are right for me and my practice.

_I work with my clients not for them.

_I powerfully serve my clients vs trying to please them.

_I regularly survey my clients for feedback in order to make improvements.

_I meet with key clients quarterly to see how to better serve them.

_I make the necessary changes every time I lose a client, lose a proposal or make a mistake.

_High service standard are written and everyone on team honors them.

_I have a clear set of guiding principles or mission statement to work from.

_All proposals, services and clients requests are fulfilled in record time.

_Deals, projects and proposals are completed on time or early.

_I have a strong brand in my industry with 5 star reviews.

_I have clearly spelled out rules of engagement so that my client honor my personal and  professional boundaries.

_I don’t gossip or bad talk clients, employees, vendors.

_My clients almost always do what they promise.

_I don’t manage clients or people, I only manage agreements.

_I ask for what I want and need.

_I don’t play the expectation game.

_I know what a request is, and I make them consistently.

_I know how to help my clients articulate the value of our work together.

_My clients consistently keep their appointments and are on time.

_I know when and where I produce my best work.

_My clients do not complain or blame; rather, they either create, request or solve problems and use me as a resource to accomplish their desired outcomes..

_I do not count on willpower to do the things.

_I have a supportive mentor, coach or partner who gives me honest feedback.

_I have not over promised results or hinted that I could accomplish more than I absolutely know I really can.

_My clients know that I want more business and are clear about the type of business I want.

_I have strong relationships with right number of qualified referral partners for my industry.

_All of my clients know all of what I offer.

_I call, thank and keep informed the source of every single referral.

_I have some way for prospective clients to get to know me, try out my services or get started on a smaller scale.

_I have created a lead magnet (white-paper, webinar, video, give away, tip’s) to build my sales funnel.

_ I have a strong online presence that is optimize to generate leads.

_I send out a monthly or quarterly newsletter, brochure or announcement about my services.

_I make it a practice of connecting with leads, prospects, clients, referral partners on the appropriate social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc…)

_My clients know what happens when someone they refer calls or comes in so they feel more confident about sending referrals.

_My clients have a recurring need for my services.

_My clients always pay their bill on time. Money is rarely an issue between us.

_Every client respects my advice, expertise and gives me the room I need to do an extraordinary job.

_My clients look for ways to help me because they care.

_I have and use a CRM.

_I use a calendar that is synced with all my devices.

_I use a task management application that is synced with all my devices so nothing falls through the cracks. (Trello or Wunderlist).

_My business is paperless or close to it.

_I have invested in the appropriate hardware and softwares for my business.

_A single individual has responsibility for the day-to-day operating decisions.

_My staff and I do very accurate work; nothing is thrown together or substandard.

_There is no part of my client procedures or process that I am doing that I shouldn’t be doing for my physical or emotional wellness. I have found some way to effectively delegate.

_I am clear what my top 3 money making activities are and focus on those.

_I stay clear of unbillable work and delegate it to other right person.

_I am fully prepared for all meeting and every meeting accomplishes something specific.

_Staff communicates everything that is getting in the way of their being productive and knows how to make request vs. complain or blame.

_Staff has the equipment and the training to be extremely productive.

_Staff accountabilities are written and clear.

_I conduct quarterly employee reviews.

_Staff lives to support me and they go out of their way to make my job easier – even effortless.

_I have the right accountant, banker, attorney, coach and other advisers who add to my profitability.

_Each employee is in the right position, which uses his/her strengths.

_Consequences are imposed for non-performance.

_Every employee is fully competent and skilled and is qualified by experience, education, loyalty, motivation and competence. No weak links or drag-me downs.

_I have a strategic business plan, which I refer to monthly.

_Everything has a deadline or promised completion date and the employee and manager manage this.

_My staff and I want to come to work each day and enjoy being there.

_I have more time than I need because everything is so well done or delegated.

_I have a right-hand person/executive assistant who handles every detail so I have space.

_I have a strong, happy and healthy personal life with lots of physical activity and pleasure

so work is work and not my life.

_I am adrenaline-free and stress-free.

_I put aside plenty of funds with which to become financially independent early.

_The practice is in good enough shape to sell.

_I have a very strong Personal Foundation.

_I enjoy creating breakthrough results for clients.

_I consistently do my 10 daily personal habits.

_I am proud of myself as a human and as a Professional.

_Bank reconciliation’s are complete and up-to-date.

_All income, sales and property taxes are filed, paid and current.

_All bills are routinely paid on time.

_Accounts payable ledger is current and includes all bills and purchase orders.

_Accounting department is well run and/or I use a superb bookkeeping service and CPA.

_I have a budget that I compare with my monthly financial statements, which are done by 5th to the 15th of the month.

_All accounts receivable are being collected per standards (average collection period is less than 150% of customer payment policy).

_The firm’s profits are very, very high at a very conservative level of revenue.

_No single customer accounts for more than 25% of total sales or receivables.

_Services/products are packaged so that they produce a stream of income, not just a one-time sale.

Make sure to take the time to review your answers with your business partner, mentor or coach.

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