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The Answers Lie Within You

Well if you’re like me you’ve probably heard this saying “the answers lie within you”.
Although this is true what I have found particularly difficult is discerning the two type of thinking and voices within me.
You see if I’m not careful and I can listen to the wrong voice (type of thinking) within me, which means I’m off track, suffering, struggling and perhaps even lost.
So in this short video I’m going to be talking about a distinction that can help you cultivate a relationship with your inner wisdom versus the habitual thinking that can lead you astray.
So the distinction I want to talk about is signal versus noise.

When I think of signal I think of how well tuned the channel is tuned into the station. When I think of noise its anything that would interfere with me enjoying what’s trying to come through on the station.
I think you’ll find this distinction helpful, whether it be running your business, becoming a better parent, or creating high quality relationships.
Another way of thinking about signal would be the analogy of a satellite dish to tune into your favorite television shows.
You see just because you have a dish does not guarantee the fact that you’ll be able to Watch your favorite shows.
What’s necessary at the satellite must be pointed in the right direction in order to pick up the proper signal. You could say no signal no-show and it’s all about facing the right direction.
So yes, you have all the answers within yourself and so do I. the only real problem is the dish gets bumped and isn’t positioned in the right direction.
So these two ways of thinking have lots of different names, ego versus true nature, false self true self, inner gremlin vs higher self.
Regardless of what you call them there’s a distinct difference in the quality of thought that accompanies each.
Not only are they accompanied by a specific way of thinking but they also come with a mood which ultimately influences how we behave and act.
Remember wisdom often speaks when the mind is clear and not cluttered with extraneous thought.
Extraneous thought, the way I am using it here would be considered noise.

Are you able to distinguish wise thoughts from habitual thinking and noise?

If you would like some help, feel feel to reach out for a coaching consultation.

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