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Top Business Skills To Master For Success

I recently asked a group small business owners and professionals “What one skill if you master it would make the biggest difference in your business?” But first we talked about mastery and what it takes to really embrace the path of mastery. You see most people are hacks.

What I mean by that is, people are often looking for the short cuts. How many steps can I skip in the process of growing my business. Successful people leave us clues. And one of the biggest clues of successful people is that most of them have a healthy relationship with discipline, structure and focus.

So if you want to get better at something know that you will need to invest time and energy to whatever skill you want to improve.

Now it’s your turn, what one skill if you could master would literally transform your business?

Okay, here is a list of the skills that other entrepreneurs thought would be important to master.

Skills List

  • Marketing – Lead Generation
  • Social Skills – How to engage with people.
  • Mindset – State of Mind
  • Communication Skills
  • Have an attractive elevator speech
  • Referrals – Mastery the art of asking for what you want
  • Organizational Skills – Time, Priority and Energy Management
  • Mastering Your Craft – Be A Knowledgeable Expert In Your Field
  • Relationship Building
  • Leadership Skills
  • Problems Solving
  • Creativity/Innovation
  • Team Management
  • Strategic Planning

Coaching Example

I was able to dig into one of the above skills with someone to determine what could be done this week to develop that skill. The skill was communication and here is what we came up with.

Coaching Question

What can you do this week to improve your communication skills?

  • Practicing tell the absolute truth.
  • When speaking your truth make sure it is necessary, kind and true.
  • When communicating make sure you have good eye contact, you allow for silence and you notice and avoid triangulation.
  • When communicating make sure you’re present and in your body, focus on appreciation and stay curious rather then trying to be interesting.

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