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Put Relationship First, Results Second

Coach Greg Clowminzer here and in this short video I want to talk about building strong customer client relationships or professional relationships. Watch Now!

People often hire professionals based on referral, reputation, affordability and availability but they stick around because of both the value you provide and the strength of the relationship you create.

Focus on strengthening relationships first, then ask for the business.

If you want your business to grow quicker, put relationships ahead of results.

One of the biggest mistakes professionals make is getting attached or fixated on the results. Thinking about the sale, thinking about billable hours, thinking about the fairness of the exchange of service for the amount they’re getting compensated for. Too often professionals are over focused on the results.

One of the ways that shows up is that when people meet with the business owners, sales rep, professional service providers will come in with a strong pitch and very poor listening.

Many professionals spend an enormous amount of time thinking they are building rapport, when really all they are actually doing is hanging out their comfort zone. It’s often because of a lack of confidence that people hang out but then never ask for the business.

The other place people get into a big trouble is advocating and just talking about their services, how great they are, how great, how much value they have, all the benefits they have. And they’re really not assessing the client situations.

They’re not doing proper intake or gathering enough information to see if they can actually be of service or help someone.

So in this video, I just want to remind you to put relationships first and results.

I worked with a CPA who is seasoned veteran in his business. I’ll never forget when he had this epiphany, the moment when he realized looking back on his career, he was so hell bent on billable hours, growing the business but his approach was very transactional.

When he had a moment of truth, his moment of understanding where he saw the fact that he had it all wrong. That strengthening and developing relationships was the key to client longevity and client retention. So we worked together on the skills and mindset necessary to create long and lasting relationships with clients.

All right, thanks for watching. If you would like help to build your business by learning how to strengthen professional relationships within your office, relationships within your vendors, your clients, then please feel free to reach out to me at www.gregclowminzer.com and schedule a free consultation or discovery call and see if I can help.

Thanks for watching.

Greg Clowminzer
San Diego Business Coach