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Stress Compromises Your Mental Health and Wellbeing

In this video I talk a about stress, the nature of stress and the implications of stress. So in order to do that, I want to share a metaphor with you. The metaphor is that of a car and a cars dashboard. Most cars whether they’re an automatic or manual drive, they’ll have on the dashboard, what’s called a tachometer . The vehicles tachometer which measures the working speed of an engine, typically in revolutions per minute (RPM’s). Most people who have seen a car’s dash, will recognize that the tachometer goes from one thousand RPM’s all the way up to ten thousand RPM’s depending on the vehicle. You’ll notice that the higher the RMP’s are, you’ll start seeing red lines which typically start at about six thousand RPM’s. It is those red lines that are likened to what I call a stress. So the red lines are kind of a warning sign letting you know that it’s time to shift gears and that you’re pushing the engine to its limits, hence stressing the engine. People who are aware of this, understand that if you’re looking for the best fuel economy, it’s best to keep a light foot on the gas peddle. People realize that when they race around town and they’re red lining the vehicle, that their fuel economy isn’t the best. You don’t get the best gas mileage when you are redlining RPM’s, you end up consuming a tremendous amount of fuel and stressing out your car. Human beings also have a dashboard that measures both fuel efficiency and stress, it’s TPM’s which means thoughts per minute.

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