Personal Development For San Diego Entrepreneurs Who Want To Attract: More Success, Less Stress

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I have just put together a 9-Day Personal Development Boot Camp. You can sign up for this free program where you will receive 9 video’s of life changing content. Get your FREE 9-Day Personal Development Boot Camp.

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One Response to “Personal Development For San Diego Entrepreneurs Who Want To Attract: More Success, Less Stress”

  1. Fred Says:


    I want to thank you, again, for your internet programs!

    I just went over the Boot Camp again, reviewed the 18 Practices to Bring Abundance and started with you new series, Developing the Mind.

    You have become a major positive influence in my life. Just to give you a hint of where I was and where I am today … when I first found you online I was a totally withdrawn, depressed and suicidal drunk. Today, just about 25 months later, I’m sober, optimistic, have completed the academics for a Masters in Counseling degree and am doing my Practicum/Internship at a local faith-based counseling center with the promise of having my degree and LPC license in hand the end of next summer.

    (How I’m going to pay the bills ’til then is still a question … practicum doesn’t leave much time for work and I’m finding it hard to find a job to meet my schedule. Minor detail! LOL!)

    You are part of the equation that has brought me to where I am today and I wnat you to know that.

    I look forward to your messages and programs in the future. I also look forward to the day I can afford the pilgrimage to CA to thank you face to face.

    Keep up the good work and know the good you’re doing for so many!

    Wishing your the best!


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