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Who is Greg Clowminzer?

An Interview with San Diego Voyager

Today we’d like to introduce you to Greg Clowminzer.

Greg, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.

I was a stressed-out young professional who was disillusioned with my career path and lifestyle back in the day. I was on a fast track at the time and became a partner and vice president of a commercial investment real estate company specializing in sales and acquisition of multi-family properties. I was very active in the community and held several leadership positions at both a local and state level.

The good news is I was making a decent living which afforded me to invest in myself. As I begin learning about myself and what made me tick and I started to get really excited about what I was learning and couldn’t wait to share it with others. Although I was quite shocked that others didn’t share my same enthusiasm for my new understandings. Read more

Most Affordable Coaching Program Available

Okay, I call this the most affordable coaching program available because there is no out of pocket investment at all. I learned this daily coaching process from Marshall Goldsmith when I last heard him speak at the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance monthly meeting.

As human beings I believe that we often do our best work when we are held accountable to those things that hold value for us. Watch the video below as Marshall explains a simple but powerful daily coaching practice that can be learned and implemented  quickly and produces terrific results. I have used this process myself and also encourage my mastermind participants to do the same.

After watching this video make sure that you follow these helpful steps. Read more

Attracting The Big Life Coach | San Diego

Interview with Greg Clowminzer

by Tami Magaro

Q. What are the top things entrepreneurs generally struggle with?

Close to 90% of entrepreneurs I talk to self-diagnose themselves as having Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). They struggle to stay focused, keep clear priorities and follow through. It’s one of the biggest struggles. Entrepreneurs have one great idea after another. They are very creative and resourceful. Unfortunately, without focus these ideas are just a lot of great ideas never manifested. Removing distraction is very important. Entrepreneurs learn through talking so it’s important to provide a really safe place for them to articulate and verbalize their ideas so they can learn to synthesize.

Q. Do you use social media to market yourself?

Social media is relatively new. I’ve been using social media more in the last 6 months and will continue to make it apart of my marketing strategy. I started with YouTube a few years ago. The first videos were created to explain my work in meditation retreats; to explain what the retreats were and the benefit someone might get from participating. I share coaching information and more recently, share tricks and tactics on social media e.g. Google ranking. I love creating ‘how to’ videos. I find them to be really valuable. I have a Fan page on Facebook. I’m on LinkedIn and Twitter. I have a fairly large following. What is interesting about Twitter once you’ve amassed a large following, what I would call ‘social influence’ you can bring more attention to your efforts e.g. video, blogs and guide people to what I’m up to. I converted my website onto WordPress which I highly recommend. It provides real value as I’m able to track it.

Q. What are daily/weekly exercises for entrepreneurs?

I ask all my clients to complete a ‘coaching call prep form’ before we speak each week. The prep form is a list, reporting on what you’ve accomplished since we last spoke. So there’s a record of what is actually getting done. I also ask what they intended to do but didn’t get done. There’s built in accountability. What are the challenges and problems they are currently facing? What opportunities are currently showing? We generally tease out an assignment based on our conversation. A really great weekly exercise for entrepreneurs is just planning their week in advance. Asking yourself, what are three to five things I want to get accomplished next week that would really forward my business?

Q. What type of workshops do you provide?

I offer a monthly ‘communicating and relating’ dyad workshop. It’s a practice where people are taught how to fully self-reflect, go within and share whatever comes up. So for example, if you and I were sitting down across from one another, I might ask you a question to build a relationship between us. I might say, “Tell me something you’d like to tell me.” You may think, what do I want to tell Greg? Maybe you want to share how much you really appreciate this interview today. I say, “Thank you.” Then, you give me the same question back. I might share with you that I’m noticing I’m getting an appetite and am thinking about what I want to have for lunch today. As simple as it sounds, there is something that happens over this self-reflection and self-disclosure, people actually improve their ability to communicate and relate to one another. People learn to self-reflect and communicate what arises. It’s a really powerful practice. People fall in love with themselves, because they have a deeper understanding of who they are and who other people are. The world becomes a better place. I offer an intense three-day version of this workshop twice a year. This is a residential retreat. It’s a formal setting like a Zen retreat. We get up early and practice dyad communication practice over and over and over again throughout the three days. We practice walking and sitting meditation and…good food! It’s like learning yoga or martial arts, every time you practice you self-correct and improve your technique. It’s a simple technique that gets refined over time with practice. I teach people how to refine the practice. It’s a life changing process.

Greg Clowminzer is both a successful entrepreneur and life coach. He is a passionate truth-seeker, known as the “Zen Coach” he brings self-realization and spiritual teaching to a successful business and life coaching practice. An avid writer, you can find online coaching tips published on “Daily Wisdom.” To subscribe to Daily Wisdom, send a blank email to: DailyWisdom-on@letters.webvalence.com.

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Enlightenment Intensive Meditation Retreat

If you have attended an Enlightenment Intensive with Greg Clowminzer before, then you know how dramatically they can change your life. In this focused environment, you can discover an entirely new perspective, a new way to see and interpret your experience, a new depth and breadth of consciousness itself. Indeed, as one recent participant told us:

“The experience of being at the intensive has shown me that there is a completely different way to live from a completely different motivation. Being at the intensive has enforced my understanding of who I actually am, and THE WAY to live my life.” — P.B.

Dear Friends,

Every one of us desires to be awake. Every one of us desires to live from deeper authenticity. We all want to be more real as well as to have relationships that are more real.

Who Are You?
Beyond your job, education, possessions, cultural background, sex, religion, conditioning and personal history…

What Are You?
Beyond all your current understanding, memories, knowledge and spiritual background…

Even though ‘Answers’ to all these questions can be found in the sacred texts of the world, the ‘Answers’ are like the menu at a restaurant – the menu is not the meal! The menu is only a tantalizing description of what can be tasted…

On an Enlightenment Intensive you are invited to ‘taste’ and ‘devour’ the Real Meal.

There is no menu to read over and intellectualize about – no second hand descriptions – only the real life work of plunging into the depth of “Truth”, with the intent to eat from the plate of Real, First Hand Experience.

The Enlightenment Intensive calls to that part of you which yearns for, and intuits, the reality that there can be a total and deep fulfillment.

For thousands of years there have been a few individuals from all cultures who have wondered “What is the meaning of it all?”

This quest for ‘There’s gotta be more than this!?’ has been going on since the beginning of time. You may have experienced the spectrum of life’s highs and lows – somehow being drawn inward to find more depth and meaning.

Then it may dawn on you, either gradually or suddenly, that “There must be more to this life?” than following the status quo. There must be more to the “Dream” sold to us by society, religion, parents, and ingrained institutions.

Even those who’s worldly success is considered formidable by others gradually come to feel the nagging hollowness and short lived ‘high’ that comes from attaining their outward successes.

Enlightenment is something that is not describable by words or emotions… only pointed to by sacred scripture, teachers and holy books.

This “Enlightenment” cannot be gained or grasped by the intellect.

And, It cannot be earned by penance.

It is a moment of Union with Truth, the Absolute Truth of your inquiry.

It is beyond all thought, feelings or vision.

It is “Knowing” without a “how” that is granted by Grace itself.

All you can do is to practice for Enlightenment Readiness.

It has been said that Enlightenment is an accident and that diligent practice only makes you “accident-prone”!

The Enlightenment Intensive is a tremendously powerful event in which a high percentage of individuals have a true and direct realization of the Truth.Unencumbered by philosophy, dogma, prior conditioning, or knowledge.

The Enlightenment Intensive is extremely powerful for new seekers of Truth as well as veteran ‘seekers’ and ‘finders’. No meditation experience is necessary. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, this workshop will allow you to greatly increase and deepen your potential for a direct experience of Truth.

Any other growth work you do will be greatly enhanced because you have a ground of being rooted in reality. When you allow yourself to ’empty your cup’, the possibility of “Depth” to be had is infinite.

People have learned:

• How to focus their intent in a profound and powerful way
• How to achieve a quiet, peaceful mind in the midst of everyday chaos
• How to experience the opening of their heart when everything else seems to try to close it
• How to experience great compassion for each other and/or all living things
• How to love themselves more than they ever have
• How to experience a sense of profound ease with self

Benefits participants have received:

• The ability to be open to whatever occurs for you in each moment, without judgement
• Developing a tremendous spiritual practice of self-acceptance
• Honest communication with others
• Discovering that they are just fine, no matter what their current experiences happen to be
• They began to live life more and more from that profound awareness of “Truth”
• A deep and lasting sense of relief in everyday life
• A tremendous surge of life energy
• Directly experiencing Who and What You Are?
• Working through their own fear of emotion, pain and/or death
• Keys to breaking through all the barriers encountered on the way to the Enlightenment experience

As you can see, this workshop is having a profound impact on people’s lives and relationships in very positive ways. If you fully participate in this workshop I can guarantee you too will experience similar lasting results!

Greg Clowminzer is Zen Coach a self-realized spiritual teacher and life success coach who has been studying and practicing not only martial arts and meditation but also shamanic healing arts, tantra, humanistic psychology, yoga, life coaching, and other spiritual and esoteric traditions from around the world for the last 20 years – and by now should know to keep his mouth shut – but has too much information he wantsto share with you in order to transform you into a total master of living alife of true happiness – one that you can operate effectively in a cool and sexy way in today’s modern world.

Greg lives just north of San Diego, CA and is founder of zencoach.com which coaches and consults withindividuals and groups, helping them awaken to a greater purpose and meaning intheir personal and professional lives. Greg use a blend of eastern and western views as a means of introducing people to the untapped potential of the human spirit.


Enlightenment Intensives are offered several times each year. To be notified of upcoming events please SUBMIT your information below.  For immediate assistance call 760-930-9604.

Personal Development for Conscious Entrepreneurs

9-Steps To Creating An Extraordinary Life & Business

Anyone who is living a meaningful life needs a strong foundation which gives them confidence to look up at the STARS instead of down at their feet. Having a strong personal foundation allows a person to fully use their skills and resources, because instead of constantly worrying about the fundamentals of their life, they are free to focus on working toward their goals. The higher you want to build your life and business, the stronger your foundation needs to be otherwise, you put yourself at unnecessary RISK.

To gain instant access to 9-FREE training videos!

Coaching Skills For Mastering The Game Of Life

http://zencoach.wpengine.com This a self-help and coaching process that is valuable for entrepreneurs, small business owners, professionals or anyone on the path of real personal growth.

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Top 3 Mistakes A Successful Entrepreneur Would Never Make

I would like to share some fascinating discoveries I have made about why most entrepreneurs and small businesses fail.

Three of the biggest mistakes ARE:

1. Lack of TRUE Focus – Knowing where and what to focus ones attention on could possibly be the single most important thing to making or breaking your business. Being successful isn’t only about coming about with new Read more