Top 12 Reasons Why People Reach Out To Me For Coaching

Top 12 Reasons Why People Reach Out To Me For Coaching

1. Looking for direction on which way to take the business.

2. Overwhelmed with too many ideas and need a sounding board in order to get clear about which ideas or opportunities to pursue.

3. Too busy reacting and problem-solving instead of focusing on what’s most important.

4. Being run by their fear of letting down – family, employees, clients/customers.

5. Feeling stuck without a game plan.

6. Recovering from insecurities resulted from business loss, financial challenges and/or personal setbacks.

7. Money issues – self-worth, pricing and packaging your products and services.

8. Help and support rolling out or launching a new product or service.

9. Work life balance issues.

10. Taking back control of your business so that you’re running your business rather than fear.

11. Help, support, and accountability to clean up the messes caused by putting things off until the last minute.

12. Develop the ability to say no to people and opportunities that are not right for you.

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Greg Clowminzer, San Diego Business Coach


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