Top 3 Mistakes A Successful Entrepreneur Would Never Make

I would like to share some fascinating discoveries I have made about why most entrepreneurs and small businesses fail.

Three of the biggest mistakes ARE:

1. Lack of TRUE Focus – Knowing where and what to focus ones attention on could possibly be the single most important thing to making or breaking your business. Being successful isn’t only about coming about with new creative idea’s. It’s about following through with the good ideas you have already come up with.

Three things entrepreneurs often lose sight of are profitability, planning and focusing on the single daily action to really grow there business.

2. Lots of incompletion’s – Completing less is better that starting a bunch of projects that just hang around undone. For both productivity and self-esteem it is important that the entrepreneur learn and experience the power and peace of mind that comes along with completing projects.

Entrepreneurs like many people have the habit of procrastinating which fuels the fire of incompletion’s and start burning out of control.

It’s also important for the entrepreneur to manage there environment and eliminate distractions that cause the entrepreneur to get stuck in “starting and stopping” cycles.

Start and stop cycles are huge time burners for the entrepreneur causing the list of incompletion’s to continue to grow instead of profits and new business.

3. Winging it verses being a PRO – The last thing I want to talk about for today is the need of a GAME PLAN.


Taking the time to really look at your business and get crystal clear about who your are, what you offer, why your doing what your doing and how you plan on getting there is often the most overlooked area of a business owner.

One of the best tools I have come across is the One-Page Strategic Plan put together by Verne Harnesh who wrote the book “The Rockefeller Habits”.

I have found this tool very helpful for running my own business as well as a useful tool to share with my clients. Take the time to work on your business and not in your business.

Stop winging it and be a PRO.

You can pick up a copy of the One-Page Strategic Plan at Verne’s website. Visit


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9 Responses to “Top 3 Mistakes A Successful Entrepreneur Would Never Make”

  1. David Engel Says:

    Great This is really valuable stuff. Thanks, Greg.

  2. Lorraine Lane Says:

    Greg, having worked with many small business owners, I know that you’ve hit on the top 3 Errors – Do you find that many small business owners come from large corporations and these mistakes are the same ones that are made in big business? Perhaps on just a larger scale?

  3. Cynthia Carlisi Says:

    Great, Coach, you still teach me a lot after all these years! So succinct, precise, practical, pertinent, and possible! My efficiency grows with my practice, so does my happiness, wealth and well-being.
    Thank you as always, light is spreading.

  4. Tia Lanzetta Says:

    Thanks for taking the time to do this for us, Greg!
    I can cross off 1 thing on my Things To Do To Build My Business List this week.
    Hope you’re well.

  5. Greg Clowminzer Says:

    That’s great Tia. Keep nocking those to do’s of your list and commit to living in a state of total completion. All the best -Greg

  6. Greg Clowminzer Says:

    Awe thanks, I am blushing 🙂

  7. Hannah Garcia Says:

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  8. Mason Parker Says:

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