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The Coach Manager

The dynamic of coaching may be the next generation of management, and it requires time, dedication and coaching for  managers to make this personal and professional shift. As a manager that becomes more of a coach to the staff by teaching everyone in your organization the four-step coaching process and introducing the notions of distinctions, personal foundation, dedication, standing up for what you believe or want, keeping your agreements, evoking, requesting, self-management, excellence and mission, among others. A growing number of managers within Fortune 500 firms are hiring their own coaches to help them grow because they aren’t able to get the quality or confidentiality they need from in-house “corporate coaches”.

The Coach Manager


We’ve identified several key skills, behaviors and style of the highly effective manager as a coach.

Personal Balance A great manager starts with a strong person. Are you in good emotional shape? Physical? Do you know who you are, what you most want and where you are along your path of development? If not, use a coach to get this stuff handled.

High Productivity High productivity is not a mystery; it simply requires a commitment and the tools, training and resources to make it happen, naturally.

Self-Management If you don’t manage yourself, how do you expect anyone else to?

Communication We know who people are by the way they communicate and relate with us. Learn advanced communication skills Healthy Boundaries Everyone wants and needs things from you. But you become a victim unless you protect yourself. Every company needs managers with strong boundaries. Don’t be afraid to develop yours.

Take Initiative Companies desperately need managers to take initiative and become “intrapreneurs” so that the firm can continue to create and stay ahead of the curve. This takes practice and willingness.

Manage “Up” It’s okay to help your manager to manage you better. This process is called managing up.

Team Work Nothing worth doing is worth doing alone. Teams are the answer.

Fast Track Your Career Path Either you’re designing your career or the circumstances are. For the last two decades, many managers have become coaches for their staff and employees. The role of the manager has changed. As humans have matured, computers become commonplace and companies downsized, right sized and cut expenses; managers are expected to do more – with less.

Would you like to learn the key skills, behaviors and style of the highly effective coach/manager?

Request a complimentary coaching consultation to assess your management gap and put your career on the fast track.


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