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How To Radically Increase Your Income

In this video San Diego Business Coach Greg  shares 10 shifts to make that will help you increase your sales, income and value in the world. The sub heading would fall within the lines of “stop selling and start fearlessly serving other”.

If you are in a hurry and don’t want to listen to the whole video here are the top 10 shifts to make to start making more money.

1. Stop trying to please others – Start fearlessly serving others
2. Stop focusing on yourself – Start helping others
3. Stop being so serious – Start to lighten up
4. Stop consuming more information – Start working on yourself
5. Stop being sedentary – Start moving your body
6. Stop waiting – Start asking for what you want
7. Stop making others wrong – Start making everyone right
8. Stop making money evil, dirty, wrong – Start a new attitude around money
9. Stop helping yourself – Start helping others
10. Stop complaining – Start creating

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