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Local Online Marketing Mastermind Group

Would you like to get together, in person with other business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals like yourself and share creative internet marketing ideas?

This group is for business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who want to drive more traffic, generate more leads and maximize profits by using internet marketing strategies to include but not limited to lead capture/sales pages, list building, auto responders, Yelp, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Blogging, Google Places, review sites, video marketing, keyword research and more.

Online marketing is important because…

  • Your business needs to be found on online.
  • People are already looking for you, the questions is can they find you.
  • People are using their computers, ipads, and mobile device to find just about anything.
  • If they can’t find you are losing business and money.
  • You can either fight and resist technology or embrace it as the future of doing business.

Most business owners know something about online marketing. Although knowing something and executing a strategic game plan are two very different things.

Instead of one more week flying by and saying to yourself… someday I will get around to it… I just don’t get this internet marketing stuff… I just want to pay someone else to do all this for me.

Your online marketing mastermind group is your solution to getting all the support you need to get real results online.

Okay maybe you are not a complete novice about online marketing and you have set up your own WordPress blog, posted some articles, maybe you have even shot a couple YouTube videos. The problem is no one is reading your articles and no one is watching your videos, and no body is liking you comments on Facebook. Sound like a waste of time right. Well, it is kinda.

But what if you were part of and online marketing mastermind group who was committed to your online success by leaving comments on all of your online content.

You may have heard the google saying that “content is king on the web”. Well that is changing and where we are headed is “engagement will be king”. So what in the world does that mean, well it means that content will start taking a back seat to popularity. Popularity simply means that you have several people who you are engaged in some form of dialogue with you or vise versa.

How cool would it be to be surrounded by a group of peers who could help you achieve your business goals. Wouldn’t be nice to share resources, get honest feedback and be held accountable to the execution of your online marketing game plan.

Okay, I know this may seem both exciting and overwhelming but rest assured we will approach this internet marketing monster together and succeed.

If you have ever spent even a dime on internet marking or training then we want to hear from you. We want to know what you have learned, what works and what doesn’t work.

So here is what I propose. On Friday’s 3 times per month we will meet from 9:00 am until 11:30. We will focus on one aspect of online marketing. There will be both individual assignments and group assignments. This will be a working mastermind group where you will be responsible for investing your time and energy into your own personal project as well as committing to the success of each other.

If you are interested in attending one of our local online marketing mastermind meetings please call (760) 930-9604.

To Your Online Success,

Greg Clowminzer, Business and Life Coach

PS So, what do you think? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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