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Design A Breakthrough Project That’s Based on Your Core Values


Goals help us focus, they let us know how were doing. But there are two types of goals — the ones really want and the ones you should do. Losing 10 pounds is a should goal, wearing those size 32 inch swim trunks is a want goal. You see, you want to set goals that excite and inspire. you.

There is a third type goal we will call it a breakthrough project. A breakthrough project is so big or is so cool that your whole life upgrades and shifts as a result of focusing on it.

For example in 1990, I set out to be a trainer, coach and speaker. And some 20 years later I feel that I’m pretty good at coaching, speaking and facilitating groups.

I must agree that in the beginning my goal somehow appealed to my ego enough to get me all excited to leave a six-figure income.

Nonetheless, I committed to developing myself into the best coach I could possibly be and I knew I would have to make some major changes in my own personal life that I would need to grow myself professionally.

One of the first things I did was to hire a coach who helped me clean up all the unresolved or unfinished business in my own personal life, as well as helping me to identify the needs that I had, that were not getting met in my life.

A big part of my journey was making significant lifestyle changes to simplify my life so that I could pursue my breakthrough project.

The second thing I realized is that I needed to make significant changes with who I was hanging out. I started seeking out and attracting people who were well, happy and showed and demonstrated a certain amount of care for me and my values.

And yes I did have to leave some people behind the people who were not serving me in becoming what I knew was possible for me.

Another example of the breakthrough project, is someone who takes on the project of running their first marathon. By setting up a large project, intermediate steps must be taken to reach the marathon goal, steps like eating well, exercising a lot, reducing stress, creating space for recovery time, having space and time to run, etc.

These smaller goals might not be exciting enough on their own, but linked together as a way to accomplish the big goal, they get done.

The point here is when designing a breakthrough project, to come up with the huge and personally exciting project that you must shift your paradigm about yourself, about life and what’s possible for you.

Examples of huge projects

The following are some huge projects that my clients have taken on, some have been reached, others are in the process.

  • To be a nationally recognized speaker
  • To build a business 100% through referrals
  • To make the president circle within organization
  • To quit their job and travel the world for year
  • To significantly touch the lives of the million people
  • To triple sales
  • To become an actor or actress
  • To sell their company for $10 million
  • To get their book on the New York Times bestsellers list
  • To compete in a bodybuilding contest
  • To starting their own successful consulting practice

Words of caution

It maybe tempting to design a project that will make you whole, make you feel better or to prove something. These are dangerous because you would be coming from a place of “less then”.

Breakthrough projects add to your life, whether you achieve them or not. A breakthrough project creates a new context for how you approach life. They are win-win by their nature. There is very little ego involved, they simply become a chance to play and express yourself.

Breakthrough projects are designed from your core values. Not everyone is ready or developed enough personally to honor their values, so you must check in with yourself to see if the idea of creating a breakthrough project appeals to you and if you’re ready.

Clients use a coach for two basic reasons to add something to their lives or to get rid of something. Exciting projects provide the structure and focus to help you add something desired to your life.

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