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Make Content Creation a Success Habit

Greg Clowminzer here your San Diego Business Coach.

Start Scheduling Content Creation Time

If you’re a small business owner or professional service provider you certainly understand the importance marketing and creating content so that the people interested in your product or services can find you on the internet. So this shouldn’t be new to you if you’ve been in business for a while. One other things in what I want talk about this video is for you to start scheduling content creation time and getting on your calendar as a routine business practice for growing your business.

Get you calendar out right now and schedule a reoccurring appointment with yourself and dedicate a specific time each day, or once a week or one day per month to write or create videos. Whatever your content creation vehicle you want to schedule that. Just like with anything else if you don’t schedule it, it won’t get done.

Creating valuable content is becoming more and more important help distinguish you from the other people in your industry. So I really want to encourage you to make the time to create a content schedule and get it in your calendar. For now just get in the habit of creating the content you can always go back late and spend time editing and posting and all that. You want to get into the habit of creating content on a regular basis as soon as possible.

Now one other things that I’ve realized lately is creating content can often be challenging for business owners and professionals. Things like writers block or creating video content block.

One of the new services that I am now offering people is called content creation coaching. So if you are an existing client in you want to start creating content we can actually start using Skype for Google Hangout. There’s a process that I we’ll run you through in terms of creating content they can be repurposed for your marketing and/or just getting your story out into the world. I actually believe this is a whole new opportunity for a very specific type of coaching out there and it’s much like an interview but instead of the coach advising you or just listening to what’s going on, the coach is really helping you in drawing out and capturing your own wisdom and your message.

If you are an existing coaching client than I encourage you to use your coach to help you create content by first getting it out of you and than supporting you to repurposing your message.

If you’re not a current coaching client than I would invite you to do is reach out and have a complimentary consultation with me and to talk about some of your ideas for creating valuable content to share your message with the world. Creating FAQ for your business is a really great start for most businesses.
I really want to encourage you to start scheduling your content creation today and make it a regular practice.

Alright, that’s it for this video.

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