Make Content Creation a Success Habit

Greg Clowminzer here your San Diego Business Coach.

Start Scheduling Content Creation Time

If you’re a small business owner or professional service provider you certainly understand the importance marketing and creating content so that the people interested in your product or services can find you on the internet. So this shouldn’t be new to you if you’ve been in business for a while. One other things in what I want talk about this video is for you to start scheduling content creation time and getting on your calendar as a routine business practice for growing your business. Read more

How to Create a Successful Internet Video Campaign

Video marketing can be easily learned and should be a part of your online presence and marketing strategy.

Check out this short powerpoint presentation that was turned into a video to help you understand what it takes to create a successful internet video campaign and help you increase your visibility, drive more traffic to your website. and demonstrate yourself as an expert.

Make sure you check out the notes below that walk you through the video presentation. Read more