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San Diego Business Coach Talks About Enlightened Leadership

Enlightened Leadership begins with an Enlightened Leader.

The enlightened leader works from the inside out. When faced with business challenges he first looks at his own internal capacity and assesses where he needs to develop his own inner qualities. He views problems as opportunities to expand his own inner development in order to further his own purposes and the purposes of others in and beyond his organization.

The enlightened leader considers the welfare of his workers and his customers first. Through looking after their wellbeing he develops a sense of purpose and meaning that surpasses the quarterly earnings report. The enlightened leader has nothing left to prove-he is only interested in creating an environment where others, his workers and customers, can access and develop their own dreams and inner potential.

The enlightened leader has poise. He emanates a sense of confidence and strength that arises from being settled with himself. Being settled with himself he has nothing to prove and is therefore a collaborator, a teacher, a leader, a friend and a mentor to others. He is an example of warm heartedness in the midst of a cold business world. He operates from a stance of wisdom that is developed from accessing his own and others struggles in business and life. He is well rounded because he is curious; curious about how problems work and how people can overcome problems from, first, an inner transformation perspective.

The path to enlightenment for an organization is often a circular one; and must begin with an assessment of the culture and of the mindset behind the leadership. What are the very beliefs that make up the foundation of this organization? What are its values and ethics? It is the definition of these values and ethics that separates an exemplary company from an ordinary one. People look to create meaning in their life. Many people attempt to separate their work lives from their personal lives, thinking that work is where one earns a paycheck to do those things that bring meaning. They often see work as duty. There are others, however, that seek to make an impact by developing exemplary organizations that better the lives of their workers and the world around them. These organizations are committed to a creating deeper meaning through the work they perform.

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