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Will You Crash or Land?

I would like you to consider trying to land a plane on a cluttered runway.

I don’t care how skilled of a pilot you are, it’s pretty clear that your headed for trouble.

Much like landing an airplane we must make sure that we have cleared or own inner runways in order for success to land.

We all tend to have something that we want to improve or change in our lives.

For many people it’s reconnecting with passions and hobbies, for others it’s spending quality time with the people we care about or for some it’s about accomplishing a meaningful pursuit.

My role as a coach has become increasingly simplified by the fact that there is only ONE real obstruction on the runway in the pursuit of your dreams.

And, it’s EGO.

So, I would like to ask you a question.

If you knew that you were always safe and secure no matter what happens and regardless of any particular circumstances or situations that you would be okay, who would you be?

Here are some of responses that I get from coaching clients and workshop participants.

• I’d feel more comfortable being me
• I’d take more risks
• I wouldn’t take things so personally
• I’d be way more productive

You see when people believe that thier inner security, peace of mind and wellbeing can be taken from them, it makes people nervous, insecure and unempowered.

But when people wake up to the fact that thier peace of mind, happiness and wellbeing are never at the mercy of circumstances or other people, this knowledge alone frees people up and changes how they live and work.

If you would like to learn about this inside out understanding that is transforming people lives around the world consider:

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