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Professionals Discover The Key To High Performance

What if the solution to your business performance issues had nothing to do with working harder, creating better systems, more accountability, better processes, the economy, motivation, credentials and education?

Rarely does it occur to a professional that the bottles neck in business performance issues are a result of their feeling state or state of mind.

It’s this internal state of mind of discouragement, dissatisfaction, complacency, lack of enthusiasm and pressure that is responsible for the professionals low energy and poor performance. Read more

A Cure For Business Related Stress

Consistently work on your projects, goals and visions with common sense, but don’t get hung up on the results and outcomes.

Let go of your expectations and demands that things should turn out a certain way.

The source of your stress is your expectations and demands, the remedy to stress is do what you can and let the rest take care of itself.

Your well-being is revealed when you let go of your personal agenda and obsessive desire for a specific outcome.

Let go of thinking people should buy your products, services or brilliant ideas and peace of mind will find you.

Would you like to work with me to get traction on a special project stress-free?

If you are intersted in learning how to live and work a stress-free life, join my next 3 Day Coaching Immersion Program called “Coming Home To Your Innate Well-Being” contact me directly for details.

Have You Ever Lost Your Car Keys?

Helping People Find What It Is That They’ve Lost

Most people at some point in their lives have experienced the anxiety or stress associated with losing something.

Please watch this video as it will give you some context and background for why I do what I do.

I hope you enjoy it.

The Answers Lie Within You

Well if you’re like me you’ve probably heard this saying “the answers lie within you”.
Although this is true what I have found particularly difficult is discerning the two type of thinking and voices within me.
You see if I’m not careful and I can listen to the wrong voice (type of thinking) within me, which means I’m off track, suffering, struggling and perhaps even lost.
So in this short video I’m going to be talking about a distinction that can help you cultivate a relationship with your inner wisdom versus the habitual thinking that can lead you astray.
So the distinction I want to talk about is signal versus noise.

Read more

The Inner Game of Business Part 4

How to Master the Inner Game of Business is a four-part video series designed to introduce you to the secret behind business and performance.

As a businesses coach one of the things we see with business owners, entrepreneurs and professional’s is that when you become more successful the complexity of running a business seems to multiply for many business owners.

You may find yourself wearing so many different hats that you get lost in terms of what to focus on and what truly matters. Read more

An Inside Out Approach To Business

Mastering the inner game of business is a journey of self-exploration that focuses on the three principles of mind, consciousness and thought. It is through the understanding of the three principles that business success becomes internally driven instead of reacting to oustside circumstances. This approach differs from traditional business coaching and consulting which  traditionally focuses on how to improve performance via external factors .

With traditional business principles success is driven by outside forces including sales, marketing, the economy and consumer interests. All of these forces are external and beyond the control of the average business person.  Therefore, these forces often facilitate an entrepreneurial experience that vacillates according to the ups and downs of daily business.  This vacillation can cause business owners to feel drained, both financially and emotionally, creating tremendous stress and unhappiness. Read more