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Podcast: Day to Day Enlightenment with Greg Clowminzer

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This week we bring enlightenment down to earth and within reach with Greg Clowminzer – the Zen Coach.

Today we continue conversations we’ve started before on life purpose and touching the truth of who you are. Greg and I deeply explore the relevance of ENLIGHTENMENT to our daily lives as they are today… and how enlightenment is ‘knowing who you are’ and to live enlightened is to live authentically. Find out about the ‘Mountain of Truth’, Greg’s recommendation for living enlightened, and what is in the way of our own day to day enlightenment.

Greg is a spiritual teacher and life success coach who has been studying and practicing not only martial arts and meditation but also shamanic healing arts, humanistic psychology, yoga, life coaching, and other spiritual and esoteric traditions from around the world for the last 20 years.

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