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Enlightenment Intensive

July 18-22, 2024 

San Diego, California

Are you ready to awaken to a life of deeper authenticity and genuine fulfillment? Are you tired of superficial relationships and yearning for something more real? The answer lies within you, beyond all the labels, conditioning, and external influences.

Introducing the Enlightenment Intensive—a transformative event that invites you to taste and devour the Real Meal of life. This is not about reading menus or intellectualizing concepts. It’s about plunging into the depths of “Truth” and experiencing it firsthand.

For centuries, individuals from all walks of life have questioned the meaning of it all. They’ve sensed a deeper calling, a longing for a more profound existence. Perhaps you’ve felt it too—the nagging hollowness beneath society’s illusions of success.

Enlightenment, the ultimate state of being, cannot be described by words or emotions. It transcends intellect and cannot be earned through penance. It is a moment of union with Truth, a direct knowing beyond thought and vision—a gift from Grace itself.

The Enlightenment Intensive is a profoundly powerful event where a remarkable number of participants experience a true and direct realization of the Truth. Free from philosophy, dogma, and prior conditioning, you’ll embark on a journey to uncover the depths of your being.

This intensive workshop is suitable for both new seekers and experienced individuals on their spiritual path. No meditation experience is required. Whatever stage you’re at, this event will expand and deepen your potential for a direct experience of Truth.

By participating in the Enlightenment Intensive, you’ll gain invaluable insights and benefits that will positively impact all aspects of your life:

✨ Focus your intent in a profound and powerful way

✨ Achieve inner peace amidst life’s chaos

✨ Open your heart even when faced with closure

✨ Cultivate compassion for yourself and all living beings

✨ Love yourself more deeply than ever before

✨ Experience profound ease with your true self

But the benefits don’t stop there. This workshop will enhance any personal growth work you undertake. It will provide you with a solid foundation rooted in reality, allowing you to embrace the infinite possibilities of depth and meaning in your life.

Led by Greg Clowminzer and Linda Robinson. Your Enlightenment Intensive Masters with over 40 years of combined experience in waking people up to Who and What they really are.  Greg combines the wisdom of Eastern and Western traditions, empowering you to master the art of living a happy and fulfilled life in today’s modern world. Linda Robinson is a Transformational Success Coach, the Director and Head trainer of Accelerated Evolution Coaching Academy, and an Enlightenment master helping bring out what is authentic in people and igniting their passion and their ability to live their dreams.


Don’t settle for a life of mediocrity. Take the leap and discover the extraordinary depth and meaning that await you at the Enlightenment Intensive. Your journey to enlightenment begins now!

The Enlightenment Intensive is both amazingly simple and deeply mysterious. Although it is easy to do, it is life-altering work of the highest order. You will come up against your barriers and be challenged. De-identify with all false ideas and allow the authentic you to emerge. Experience Directly the TRUTH of who you are and what life is. Connect so deeply with others that any idea of separation seems to melt away. We will support you every step of the way to go for Truth.

This is a Fully Residential Program offered January 17 – 21, 2024 at Ojas Retreat Center Temecula, southern California.

Your investment of $1495 includes food and lodging for 4 night which includes all vegetarian meals. You will have an opportunity to donate afterwards for the facilitation and chef if you so choose.

Reserve your space today, contact Greg a 760-930-9604

Enlightenment Intensives are held multiple times each year. To stay informed or to register for an upcoming event call us directly at 760-930-9604 for immediate assistance.


Authentic Living: Illuminating the Path to Enlightenment, Wholeness and Well-Being

Authenticity is the foundation upon which the transformative journey of enlightenment is built. It is the unwavering commitment to being true to oneself that propels us towards greater spiritual growth and awakening.

Authenticity and Enlightenment

Authenticity and enlightenment are concepts that can be interconnected in certain ways, although they originate from different perspectives and contexts.

Authenticity primarily focuses on living a genuine and true life in alignment with your own values, desires, and beliefs. It involves being honest with yourself and others, embracing your uniqueness, and making choices that reflect your true self. Authenticity is about being present and fully engaged in your life, rather than being driven by external expectations or societal pressures.

On the other hand, enlightenment refers to a state of profound spiritual or personal awakening, often associated with deep wisdom, insight, and liberation from suffering. It is commonly found in spiritual and philosophical traditions, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Enlightenment Intensives and various mystical paths. Enlightenment is considered a transcendent state of consciousness or realization of ultimate truth, which leads to liberation from the illusions and limitations of the egoic mind.

The connection between authenticity and enlightenment can be understood in the following ways:

  1. Self-Realization: Both authenticity and enlightenment involve a deep understanding and realization of one’s true nature. Authenticity focuses on recognizing and living in alignment with your authentic self, while enlightenment encompasses the realization of your fundamental essence or spiritual nature beyond the ego.

  2. Freedom from Illusions: Living authentically requires recognizing and letting go of the masks, conditioning, and false identities we adopt to fit in or seek validation. Similarly, enlightenment involves transcending the illusions and attachments created by the ego, leading to a profound sense of freedom and liberation.

  3. Alignment with Universal Truth: Authentic living entails aligning your actions, choices, and values with your personal truth. Enlightenment involves recognizing and embodying universal truths or spiritual principles that go beyond individual perspectives and beliefs. Both authenticity and enlightenment involve a deep connection to truth, albeit from different angles.

  4. Present-Moment Awareness: Authenticity emphasizes being fully present and engaged in the here and now, rather than being lost in regrets about the past or worries about the future. Similarly, enlightenment often involves a heightened state of awareness and presence, where one experiences the fullness and interconnectedness of the present moment.

It’s important to note that while authenticity is accessible and applicable to anyone seeking a genuine and fulfilling life, enlightenment is often considered a profound spiritual or transcendent state that may require dedicated spiritual practices, deep introspection, and guidance from a spiritual teacher or tradition.

While living authentically can contribute to personal growth, well-being, and a deeper sense of meaning, enlightenment is often seen as a transformative and transcendent realization that goes beyond the scope of everyday authenticity. However, authenticity can create a solid foundation for individuals on a spiritual path, as it encourages self-honesty, self-acceptance, and the exploration of one’s true nature.

Living Truth – Conversations That Change Lives

What Would Life BE Without Friends?

Living Truth – is also known as Tuesday Night Group and would be best defined as a spiritual community.

We all long to be part of something greater than ourselves. Yet, left on our own it is easy to fool ourselves and the people around us. Participating in spiritual community is how we deepen our understanding of who we are and what is really TRUE for us.

I have had the honor of hosting weekly gatherings for many years. The things that I have learned Read more

How To Succeed In Business: Meditate

Overwhelmed?   Stressed Out?   Feel Isolated?

The key to success in business is the ability to stay focused, make great decisions, and take appropriate action while fostering creativity.

Meditation devotees include junk-bond-king-turned-philanthropist Mike Milken; Bill George, the former Medtronic (Charts, Fortune 500) CEO; ad industry mogul Renetta McCann; and NBA coach Phil Jackson. Silicon Valley is full of meditators, such as Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce.com (Charts), and Larry Brilliant, head of Google’s philanthropic efforts.

Podcast: Day to Day Enlightenment with Greg Clowminzer

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Dyad: Exploring The Nature of Decision

David Engel and Greg Clowminzer use the dyad process to intimately define what every marketer is after–decision.

David: Tell me what a decision is.

Greg: A decision is a mental, strategic move, in order to avoid some future consequence.

David: Thank you. Tell me what a decision is not.

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The Art and Practice of Dyads – A Communication Workshop

Got Challenges?

Get The Support You Need

“If you are feeling stuck in life, dealing with big challenges or simply want to reconnect with yourself in a deep and meaningful way, then I urge you to join me for what will be a very special day.” -Greg

Greg Clowminzer will spend a relaxed day exploring the power of dyads. With dyads we set aside the normal learning culture of books and knowledge gained through training. Using dyads we learn to trust ourselves and to speak from that place of inner awareness. This inner awareness takes time and support and it can’t be rushed. Wisdom grows for each in it’s own way. Read more