Mindfulness Matters: Elevating Performance in Business

Embrace the Shift: Becoming a Mindful Business Leader

Welcome, fellow trailblazers, to a journey of transformation and enlightenment—a journey that will redefine the way you perceive and practice business leadership. In a world where chaos and uncertainty often reign supreme, there emerges a beacon of light—a path towards mindful business practices that honor the interconnectedness of all beings and the power of presence and purpose.

The Top 10 Distinctions for Shifting to a Mindful Business Leaders offer a roadmap for navigating this terrain of inner and outer transformation. It beckons you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and evolution—a journey that will not only elevate your leadership prowess but also enrich your life and the lives of those you touch.

As top producing service providers, business leaders, and executives, you are accustomed to pushing the boundaries of possibility and achieving remarkable feats of success. Yet, amidst the relentless pursuit of profit and progress, have you ever paused to consider the deeper dimensions of your leadership—the subtle nuances that lie beneath the surface of strategy and performance?

The Top 10 Distinctions present an opportunity—a challenge—to shift your perspective, expand your consciousness, and embrace a new way of leading and living. It is a call to action—a call to step out of the confines of conventional thinking and into the realm of mindful awareness and compassionate action.

But make no mistake—this journey is not for the faint of heart. It requires courage, commitment, and a willingness to confront your fears and limitations head-on. It demands that you relinquish outdated beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you or your organization. It invites you to step into the fullness of your potential as a leader and as a human being.

Are you ready to embrace the shift? Are you ready to challenge the status quo and commit to making the necessary shifts in mindset and behavior? The path ahead may be arduous, but it is also immensely rewarding—a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and profound impact.

So, I invite you, fellow leaders, to take a leap of faith—to commit to becoming a mindful business leader and to chart a course towards a future where business is not just about profits and performance but about purpose and presence—a future that begins with each and every one of us.

Top 10 Distinctions for Shifting to a Mindful Business Leader

1. Awareness of the Present Moment: Understanding that success is not just about future goals but also about being fully present in each moment of the business journey. Recognizing the power of now in decision-making and problem-solving.

2. Emotional Intelligence: Grasping the importance of understanding and managing emotions, both within oneself and among team members. Recognizing how emotional intelligence enhances leadership effectiveness and fosters a positive work environment.

3. Purpose-driven Leadership: Shifting from a solely profit-driven mindset to leading with a clear sense of purpose and values. Understanding how aligning business goals with meaningful purpose enhances motivation and engagement.

4. Compassionate Communication: Embracing the practice of compassionate and mindful communication, which fosters trust, collaboration, and understanding among team members. Recognizing the impact of communication styles on organizational culture and outcomes.

5. Resilience in Adversity: Understanding that setbacks and challenges are inevitable in business, but how one responds to them can make all the difference. Cultivating resilience through mindfulness practices to bounce back stronger from adversity.

6. Balanced Decision-making: Recognizing the importance of balancing analytical thinking with intuitive wisdom in decision-making processes. Understanding that mindfulness can enhance clarity and discernment in complex situations.

7. Authentic Leadership: Embracing authenticity and vulnerability as strengths in leadership. Understanding that being genuine and transparent fosters trust and connection with team members and stakeholders.

8. Cultivating Presence: Grasping the significance of cultivating presence in leadership and business interactions. Understanding how being fully present in meetings, negotiations, and day-to-day interactions can lead to deeper connections and better outcomes.

9. Sustainable Success: Shifting from a short-term focus on immediate results to a long-term perspective that prioritizes sustainability and well-being. Understanding that mindful business practices not only drive success but also contribute to a thriving ecosystem.

10. Continuous Learning and Growth: Embracing a growth mindset and a commitment to lifelong learning. Recognizing that mindfulness is not a destination but a journey of self-discovery and growth as a leader and as a human being.

By grasping these distinctions and integrating mindfulness into their leadership approach, business leaders can foster a culture of innovation, resilience, and well-being that leads to sustainable success for themselves and their organizations.


From Stagnation to Success: How One Commercial Real Estate Broker Doubled His Income and Saved His Marriage Through Coaching

Mark’s Story

Interviewer: Welcome, everyone. Today, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Mark, a successful commercial real estate broker from Carlsbad, California, who experienced a remarkable turnaround in both his career and personal life. Mark, thank you for joining us.

Mark: Thank you for having me.

Interviewer: Let’s dive right in. What prompted you to seek the help of a coach?

Mark: Well, I had hit a bit of a wall in my career. Despite my best efforts, my income had plateaued, and the stress of balancing work and family was straining my marriage. I knew I needed guidance to break through these challenges.

Interviewer: And that’s where Greg, your coach, came in?

Mark: Exactly. A friend of mine recommended Greg, saying he had a unique approach that could help me see things differently. So, I decided to give it a shot.

Interviewer: What was your initial impression of Greg and his coaching style?

Mark: Greg was incredibly empathetic and insightful from the start. He had this way of asking probing questions that really got me thinking about my goals and values.

Interviewer: Can you walk us through some of the key moments or breakthroughs you experienced during your coaching sessions?

Mark: Sure.

Interviewer: How did this newfound clarity and mindset shift impact your career?

Mark: It was transformative. With Greg’s guidance, I was able to implement new strategies and approaches that led to significant increases in my income. I started closing bigger deals and expanding my network in ways I hadn’t thought possible before.

Interviewer: And what about your personal life? How did coaching influence your relationships?

Mark: Coaching wasn’t just about business; it was about holistic growth. Through our sessions, I learned to prioritize my family and communicate more effectively with my wife and kids. This brought a newfound sense of harmony and fulfillment to my personal life.

Interviewer: That’s wonderful to hear. In summary, how would you describe the impact of coaching on your overall well-being and success?

Mark: Coaching with Greg was truly life-changing. Not only did I double my income and revitalize my career, but I also saved my marriage and rediscovered a sense of purpose and fulfillment in all areas of my life.

Interviewer: Thank you for sharing your story with us, Mark. It’s truly inspiring to hear how coaching can make such a profound difference.

Mark: My pleasure. If my story can inspire even one person to seek the help they need, then it’s all worth it.


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The Untrained Mind Equals an Untrained Man

In the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, we find a profound truth that extends far beyond the mats and into the realm of personal and professional development. It’s a truth that I’ve come to understand intimately through my years of practice, coaching, and exploring the depths of human potential. The notion that “The Untrained Mind Equals an Untrained Man” is not just a concept limited to the gentle art of Jiu-Jitsu; it’s a reflection of the broader human experience.

In Jiu-Jitsu, as in life, we often encounter situations where knowing something intellectually isn’t synonymous with the ability to execute it in practice. I’ve seen countless practitioners attend seminars or regular classes, absorbing techniques that make perfect sense on the surface. However, when the real test arrives during live training or sparring, the clarity of these techniques can vanish in the heat of the moment. This phenomenon teaches us a profound lesson about the limitations of the untrained mind.

It’s akin to the experience of working with someone new, often referred to as a white belt in Jiu-Jitsu. They come to the mat untrained, devoid of the technical skills and experience necessary to navigate the intricate dance of this martial art. Instead, they rely on brute strength, speed, adrenaline, and often, their ego to survive. It’s crucial to note that they’re not intentionally trying to be difficult or cause harm; they are simply untrained.

This concept holds a mirror to the broader scope of personal and professional development. How many times have we encountered individuals who are well-versed in theories, strategies, or principles, yet when it comes to real-life application, they flounder? It’s not uncommon to find people who have read numerous self-help books, attended workshops, and devoured wisdom, but their actions don’t align with their knowledge.

The untrained mind is like a white belt in life. It lacks the practical skills to defend itself against the challenges and uncertainties that come its way. When faced with adversity, it resorts to the same survival instincts we see in a novice on the Jiu-Jitsu mat. It’s an instinctual reaction born out of fear and insecurity.

So, what does this all mean, and how can we harness this insight to enhance our personal and professional lives? The key lies in the recognition of the untrained mind’s potential. It’s not a fixed state; rather, it’s a starting point. Like a white belt stepping onto the mat, we all begin with a lack of experience and skill. However, the difference lies in our commitment to growth and learning.

Just as the white belt can evolve into a black belt through dedication, practice, and a willingness to embrace the journey, so too can the untrained mind transform into a reservoir of knowledge, wisdom, and skill. It’s a process that requires humility, perseverance, and a genuine desire to learn. When we approach life with the same mindset we bring to the Jiu-Jitsu mat, we begin to unlock our true potential.

The untrained mind is not a limitation; it’s an opportunity. By acknowledging our untrained aspects and embracing the journey of learning and growth, we can transcend our limitations and become the best versions of ourselves. Just as a white belt becomes a black belt, our untrained minds can become a wellspring of knowledge, strength, and understanding.

In closing, let me leave you with this inquiry: What aspects of your life might benefit from the recognition that an untrained mind is not a hindrance, but a canvas upon which you can paint your journey of growth and self-improvement? Remember, the path to becoming a black belt in life begins with acknowledging the white belt within you.

One Man’s Journey to Soul-Centered Living

Once there was a man named Alex who lived in the hustle and bustle of Southern California. He was successful by all external measures: a thriving career, a beautiful house in Point Loma, and the respect of his peers. Yet, within, he was plagued by confusion, stress, and a persistent feeling that something was missing.

One sunny day, a chance encounter with an old friend at a local surf shop changed the course of Alex’s life. The friend invited him to a gathering, a men’s circle, where they explored profound questions like “What does it mean to be a man?” and “What does it mean to be a human being?”

At first, Alex was hesitant. He was accustomed to measuring his worth by external achievements and material possessions. But the yearning for something deeper, something he couldn’t quite put into words, led him to accept the invitation.

The men’s circle provided a safe space for Alex to open up, share his struggles, and listen to the stories of other men. They talked about the importance of emotional intelligence, vulnerability, and authenticity. It was here that Alex realized he had been living an ego-driven life, constantly seeking validation and success, but never truly finding inner peace.

The journey was not easy. It required Alex to confront his own limitations and question the societal expectations that had shaped him. He delved into practices like meditation, journaling, and self-reflection, guided by the wisdom of the men in the circle.

As he embarked on this inner exploration, he found clarity amidst the confusion. He discovered that true success was not just about external achievements but about living a soul-centered life, where he honored his deepest values and nurtured his emotional well-being.

Over time, Alex’s stress began to fade, replaced by a sense of inner peace and contentment. He was no longer defined by his career or possessions but by his authenticity and his connection with others. He understood that being a man meant embracing his humanity fully, with all its vulnerabilities and strengths.

Through this transformation, Alex learned that the journey from ego-driven to soul-centered living was not a destination but an ongoing process. It was about continuous growth, self-compassion, and a commitment to living in alignment with his true self.

Alex became a devoted member of the men’s circle, and in time, he also became a mentor for others on their own journeys toward clarity, peace, and authenticity. He had found his purpose, not in the external accolades, but in guiding others towards their inner light, just as he had found his own.

As he sat on the shores of San Diego, the waves crashing before him, he realized that the journey had been worth it. The path from confusion to clarity, from stress to inner peace, and from ego-driven to soul-centered had led him to a place of profound understanding and love, not only for himself but for all of humanity.

Join Us for the Soul Centered Men’s Circle – A Gathering of Growth and Connection

Dear Men,

I am excited to extend a warm invitation to a transformative event: the Soul Centered Men’s Circle, happening on Saturday, November 18th, from 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon at a private residence in Solana Beach.

Date: Saturday, November 18th
Time: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Location: 434 South Rio Ave., Solana Beach, CA 92075
Investment: This event is free for all coaching clients and a soul-centered donation for anyone who is not a current coaching client.

The Soul Centered Men’s Circle is a unique opportunity for men to come together, connect, and explore the profound aspects of masculinity in our modern world. This gathering is a place where you can:

  • Forge Genuine Connections: Connect with like-minded men who are on a journey of personal and spiritual growth. Share your experiences, insights, and challenges in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Discover Inner Wisdom: Delve into guided meditations, discussions, and activities that encourage self-discovery, emotional intelligence, and authenticity.
  • Embrace Authenticity: Break free from societal expectations and explore your true self. Learn how embracing vulnerability can be a source of strength and personal power.
  • Set Powerful Intentions: Set clear intentions for your personal growth and well-being. Harness the wisdom and support of the group to drive positive change in your life.
  • Create Positive Impact: By participating in the Soul Centered Men’s Circle, you contribute to creating a community that embodies compassion, understanding, and wisdom, both within ourselves and in the world.

This event is open to all men, whether you are seasoned on the path of self-discovery or just starting your journey. It’s an opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with a diverse group of individuals who share your desire for personal and collective transformation.

Please mark your calendars for November 18th, and be part of a gathering that promises to be enriching, enlightening, and empowering.

To reserve your spot or for more information, please text me at (SEVEN-SIX-ZERO) 580-7230.  Let’s come together, explore our souls, and build a stronger, more connected community of men. I look forward to sharing this transformative experience with you.

Kindly, ,

Greg Clowminzer
Founder of Soul Centered Men’s Circle

P.S. Feel free to invite friends and colleagues who may also benefit from this event. The more, the merrier!

Unlock Your True Potential at the Next Enlightenment Intensive! 


Enlightenment Intensive

July 18-22, 2024 

San Diego, California

Are you ready to awaken to a life of deeper authenticity and genuine fulfillment? Are you tired of superficial relationships and yearning for something more real? The answer lies within you, beyond all the labels, conditioning, and external influences.

Introducing the Enlightenment Intensive—a transformative event that invites you to taste and devour the Real Meal of life. This is not about reading menus or intellectualizing concepts. It’s about plunging into the depths of “Truth” and experiencing it firsthand.

For centuries, individuals from all walks of life have questioned the meaning of it all. They’ve sensed a deeper calling, a longing for a more profound existence. Perhaps you’ve felt it too—the nagging hollowness beneath society’s illusions of success.

Enlightenment, the ultimate state of being, cannot be described by words or emotions. It transcends intellect and cannot be earned through penance. It is a moment of union with Truth, a direct knowing beyond thought and vision—a gift from Grace itself.

The Enlightenment Intensive is a profoundly powerful event where a remarkable number of participants experience a true and direct realization of the Truth. Free from philosophy, dogma, and prior conditioning, you’ll embark on a journey to uncover the depths of your being.

This intensive workshop is suitable for both new seekers and experienced individuals on their spiritual path. No meditation experience is required. Whatever stage you’re at, this event will expand and deepen your potential for a direct experience of Truth.

By participating in the Enlightenment Intensive, you’ll gain invaluable insights and benefits that will positively impact all aspects of your life:

✨ Focus your intent in a profound and powerful way

✨ Achieve inner peace amidst life’s chaos

✨ Open your heart even when faced with closure

✨ Cultivate compassion for yourself and all living beings

✨ Love yourself more deeply than ever before

✨ Experience profound ease with your true self

But the benefits don’t stop there. This workshop will enhance any personal growth work you undertake. It will provide you with a solid foundation rooted in reality, allowing you to embrace the infinite possibilities of depth and meaning in your life.

Led by Greg Clowminzer and Linda Robinson. Your Enlightenment Intensive Masters with over 40 years of combined experience in waking people up to Who and What they really are.  Greg combines the wisdom of Eastern and Western traditions, empowering you to master the art of living a happy and fulfilled life in today’s modern world. Linda Robinson is a Transformational Success Coach, the Director and Head trainer of Accelerated Evolution Coaching Academy, and an Enlightenment master helping bring out what is authentic in people and igniting their passion and their ability to live their dreams.


Don’t settle for a life of mediocrity. Take the leap and discover the extraordinary depth and meaning that await you at the Enlightenment Intensive. Your journey to enlightenment begins now!

The Enlightenment Intensive is both amazingly simple and deeply mysterious. Although it is easy to do, it is life-altering work of the highest order. You will come up against your barriers and be challenged. De-identify with all false ideas and allow the authentic you to emerge. Experience Directly the TRUTH of who you are and what life is. Connect so deeply with others that any idea of separation seems to melt away. We will support you every step of the way to go for Truth.

This is a Fully Residential Program offered January 17 – 21, 2024 at Ojas Retreat Center Temecula, southern California.

Your investment of $1495 includes food and lodging for 4 night which includes all vegetarian meals. You will have an opportunity to donate afterwards for the facilitation and chef if you so choose.

Reserve your space today, contact Greg a 760-930-9604

Enlightenment Intensives are held multiple times each year. To stay informed or to register for an upcoming event call us directly at 760-930-9604 for immediate assistance.


Authentic Living: Illuminating the Path to Enlightenment, Wholeness and Well-Being

Authenticity is the foundation upon which the transformative journey of enlightenment is built. It is the unwavering commitment to being true to oneself that propels us towards greater spiritual growth and awakening.

Authenticity and Enlightenment

Authenticity and enlightenment are concepts that can be interconnected in certain ways, although they originate from different perspectives and contexts.

Authenticity primarily focuses on living a genuine and true life in alignment with your own values, desires, and beliefs. It involves being honest with yourself and others, embracing your uniqueness, and making choices that reflect your true self. Authenticity is about being present and fully engaged in your life, rather than being driven by external expectations or societal pressures.

On the other hand, enlightenment refers to a state of profound spiritual or personal awakening, often associated with deep wisdom, insight, and liberation from suffering. It is commonly found in spiritual and philosophical traditions, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Enlightenment Intensives and various mystical paths. Enlightenment is considered a transcendent state of consciousness or realization of ultimate truth, which leads to liberation from the illusions and limitations of the egoic mind.

The connection between authenticity and enlightenment can be understood in the following ways:

  1. Self-Realization: Both authenticity and enlightenment involve a deep understanding and realization of one’s true nature. Authenticity focuses on recognizing and living in alignment with your authentic self, while enlightenment encompasses the realization of your fundamental essence or spiritual nature beyond the ego.

  2. Freedom from Illusions: Living authentically requires recognizing and letting go of the masks, conditioning, and false identities we adopt to fit in or seek validation. Similarly, enlightenment involves transcending the illusions and attachments created by the ego, leading to a profound sense of freedom and liberation.

  3. Alignment with Universal Truth: Authentic living entails aligning your actions, choices, and values with your personal truth. Enlightenment involves recognizing and embodying universal truths or spiritual principles that go beyond individual perspectives and beliefs. Both authenticity and enlightenment involve a deep connection to truth, albeit from different angles.

  4. Present-Moment Awareness: Authenticity emphasizes being fully present and engaged in the here and now, rather than being lost in regrets about the past or worries about the future. Similarly, enlightenment often involves a heightened state of awareness and presence, where one experiences the fullness and interconnectedness of the present moment.

It’s important to note that while authenticity is accessible and applicable to anyone seeking a genuine and fulfilling life, enlightenment is often considered a profound spiritual or transcendent state that may require dedicated spiritual practices, deep introspection, and guidance from a spiritual teacher or tradition.

While living authentically can contribute to personal growth, well-being, and a deeper sense of meaning, enlightenment is often seen as a transformative and transcendent realization that goes beyond the scope of everyday authenticity. However, authenticity can create a solid foundation for individuals on a spiritual path, as it encourages self-honesty, self-acceptance, and the exploration of one’s true nature.

Reorienting Around Your True Values: How Coaching Can Help You Navigate Life’s Transitions and Live with Purpose

Reorienting our lives around our deepest values can be challenging, but it is ultimately the key to living a life that is meaningful and fulfilling.  – Brené Brown

As we go through life, it is normal for our values to change and evolve. Sometimes, these changes are forced upon us by external circumstances, such as a major life event or a shift in societal norms. Other times, they arise through introspection and reflection on our own experiences and beliefs.

Regardless of the cause, adjusting to a new set of values can be a challenging and overwhelming process. It requires reorienting our perspective, reevaluating our goals, and often making significant changes in our habits and behaviors.

This is where coaching can be an invaluable resource for individuals making this type of transition. A coach can provide guidance and support as we navigate these changes, helping us to stay focused and committed to our new values, even in the face of obstacles or setbacks.

One of the key benefits of coaching is that it can help us to identify and clarify our new values. Sometimes, we may know that we want to make a change, but we may not be clear on what that change should be or how to get there. A coach can help us to explore our priorities and values, and to set goals that align with these values.

Coaching can also help us to stay accountable and motivated as we work towards our new values. Change can be difficult, and it is easy to fall back into old habits and ways of thinking. A coach can help us to stay on track, providing encouragement and support, and helping us to stay focused on the bigger picture.

In addition, coaching can help us to develop new skills and strategies that are aligned with our new values. For example, if we have decided that we want to prioritize our health and wellness, a coach can help us to develop a plan for exercise and nutrition that supports this goal. If we have decided that we want to prioritize our relationships, a coach can help us to develop communication skills and strategies that support positive connections with others.

Ultimately, coaching can be an essential tool for individuals who are navigating a transition in their values. Whether we are adjusting to a major life change or simply reflecting on our own beliefs and priorities, coaching can help us to stay focused, motivated, and committed to our new values, and to create a more fulfilling and meaningful life as a result.

Coaching Exercise:

    1. Reflect: Take some time to reflect on your current values and where you would like to be. Ask yourself questions like, “What are my top three values?” and “What would make me feel more fulfilled and purposeful in my life?”
    2. Identify Barriers: Identify any obstacles or challenges that are preventing you from living in alignment with your values. These could be external factors such as financial constraints or internal factors such as limiting beliefs.
    3. Set Goals: Set specific and achievable goals that align with your values. Be sure to make them realistic and measurable so that you can track your progress.
    4. Take Action: Take action towards your goals, even if it is just a small step every day. Celebrate your successes and learn from your setbacks.

If you are feeling stuck or unfulfilled in your life, it may be time to reevaluate your values and make some changes. This can be a difficult and overwhelming process, but you don’t have to do it alone. A coach can provide the guidance and support you need to navigate this transition and live a life that is aligned with your true values.

So, if you are ready to let go of old values that no longer serve you and honor the new values that are arising within you, I encourage you to reach out for coaching. A coach can help you to clarify your values, set goals that align with them, and develop the skills and strategies you need to make lasting changes in your life.

Remember, your values are a reflection of who you are and what matters most to you. By honoring them, you can create a life that is authentic, meaningful, and fulfilling. Don’t wait any longer to start living the life you truly desire. Reach out for coaching today and start your journey towards a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

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The Masculine Journey: Why Every Man Needs a Male Support System

Men need other men to hold them accountable and challenge them to be better. We were not meant to do life alone. – John Eldredge

The importance of having a good coach in both business and life cannot be overstated. However, there is a debate on whether men should choose male or female coaches. While there is nothing inherently wrong with having a female coach, there are several reasons why men may benefit more from having a male coach.

First, men and women have different life experiences and perspectives. A male coach is more likely to understand and relate to the challenges that men face in their personal and professional lives. For example, men may struggle with issues related to masculinity, such as feelings of inadequacy, vulnerability, and the pressure to succeed. A male coach can provide a safe and supportive environment for men to address these issues and develop strategies to overcome them.

Second, men may find it easier to communicate with a male coach. Men may feel more comfortable opening up to someone of the same gender, especially when discussing sensitive issues. Male coaches are better equipped to understand and address the emotional needs of men, as they have firsthand experience with the challenges that men face in their personal and professional lives.

Third, male coaches can provide unique insights and guidance that female coaches may not be able to offer. For example, male coaches can share their experiences and perspectives on navigating male-dominated industries and workplaces, such as finance, technology, and construction. Male coaches can also provide guidance on building strong relationships with other men, both in and out of the workplace.

Having a male coach can be particularly beneficial for men who are struggling with their personal identity, life purpose and creating healthy relationships. A male coach can provide a supportive and non-judgmental environment for men to explore their thoughts and feelings about what is means to be a man or masculinity, and offer guidance on how to navigate these issues in their personal and professional lives.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with having a female coach, men may benefit more from having a male coach. A male coach can provide a unique perspective, offer guidance on navigating work life balance and relationships, and create a safe and supportive environment for men to address sensitive issues. Ultimately, the most important factor in choosing a coach is finding someone who can help you achieve your goals, regardless of their gender.

The importance of having a strong support system is critical for any man’s journey through life. However, men often face challenges in finding a support system that meets their unique needs. While the coaching industry has made significant strides in offering options for women to be supported by women, men are still struggling to find the same level of support.

One reason for this disparity is that the coaching industry often attracts more women than men. As a result, there are fewer strong male coaches available for men to choose from. This can be frustrating for men who are looking for someone who can understand their experiences and provide guidance on how to navigate the challenges they face in their personal and professional lives.

Additionally, many men have been socialized to believe that asking for help or seeking support is a sign of weakness. This can make it difficult for men to reach out for help when they need it, and they may feel ashamed or embarrassed to admit that they need support. This stigma can also prevent men from seeking out coaching services and prevent them from finding a support system that can help them thrive.

However, the truth is that seeking support is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of strength. Having the courage to ask for help and support when you need it is an essential part of the masculine journey. Men should not be afraid to seek out coaching services and find a coach who can provide the support, guidance, and accountability they need to achieve their goals.

Moreover, men should not overlook the value of building relationships with other men. Creating strong male friendships and cultivating a community of support can be a powerful tool in navigating life’s challenges. Men who have strong support systems are more likely to be resilient, successful, and fulfilled in their personal and professional lives.

Approximately 25 to 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies use executive coaches, according to the Hay Group, an international human-resources consultancy.

Every man needs a support system that can help them navigate life’s challenges and achieve their goals. While the coaching industry may have more options for women to be supported by women, men should not be discouraged. It is essential to seek out coaching services and build relationships with other men, who can offer the support, guidance, and accountability they need to thrive on their masculine journey.

If you’re interested in exploring the possibility of working with a business coach, I’d be happy to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your goals and how I can help you achieve them.

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