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How Are You Playing The ‘Game’ Called Life?

I have an important message that I would like the share with you. I am about to share with you a simple yet powerful transformational tool to use on yourself or to help others gain clarity, focus and direction in their lives. This process is extremely important for anyone who wants to make a significant change in either their personal or professional life.

This is a self-help coaching process that is valuable for entrepreneurs, small business owners, professionals or anyone on the path of real personal growth.

So, to begin what I would like for you to consider is that life is just a ‘game’. And, if you are willing to consider that then I would ask that you imagine you stepping back and observing your life honestly AS IT IS and then come up with a theme or label for the ‘game’ that you are playing in your life.

There are many ‘games’ you could be playing. You might be playing the ‘game’ called hide and seek. You could be playing the victim ‘game’ or the spiritual ‘game’. Of course many of us have several ‘games’ running at the same time. So for the purpose of this exercise simply locate one of your ‘games’ in order to complete this practice.

So, step one is to identify the ‘Game’ that you are playing.

Step two is to begin a process of self-inquiry by asking your self three (3) simple questions.

a. What’s working

b. What’s not working

c. If, you were to change or improve something about the ‘game’ you are playing, what would that be and what would it look like?

If you are not sure what ‘game’ you’re playing… or you’re sick and tired of the ‘game’ you are playing… and you are ready to play a new ‘game’… then I would love to speak with you and find out how YOU can BEGIN Playing Your Best Game Ever.

If you would like to schedule a complementary coaching session and be facilitated through this process to discover the ‘game’ your playing and how it is serving you and not serving you. You may contact me by phone at 760-930-9604

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