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Stop Having Problems By Focusing On Your Core Values

In this video I want to talk about problems. Did you know that you can actually stop having problems. I know you probably think I am crazy, it may sound like some pie in the sky idea but I assure you that it really is possible for you. You see for many people having problems is just a bad habit. It can give you a false sense of meaning in your life.

Over the years clients come to coaching a lot times because they have a problem they are trying to get some resolution around. And in many caseswe find real solutions to their problems. However there are some client that as soon as we solve on problem the come up with one or two more problems. They get stuck in the habit of having problems and solving problems.

The only problem with this is that the client is missing a developmental opportunity of living problem free and reorienting their life around their core values. In coaching solving your everyday problems is just the very beginning of the coaching process.

Unfortunately, many people don’t understand there is much more to life the simply struggling to solve their everyday problems.

Yes, your problems do need your attention. Once resolved start focusing on your core values and create projects that express your core values. By living your core values you will start making starter decisions in you life that will actually keep you out of trouble.

Ask yourself, why do you get out of bed in the morning? To solve problems or to express your core values. Ultimately it is a choice. The first step is always awareness.

Remember when you are living your core values you will be much more fulfilled. It’s it time you discovered your top 4 core values?

Hire and use your coach to help you make the shift from a problem-based life to a value-based life. You only have one life so choose wisely.

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