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Most Affordable Coaching Program Available

Okay, I call this the most affordable coaching program available because there is no out of pocket investment at all. I learned this daily coaching process from Marshall Goldsmith when I last heard him speak at the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance monthly meeting.

As human beings I believe that we often do our best work when we are held accountable to those things that hold value for us. Watch the video below as Marshall explains a simple but powerful daily coaching practice that can be learned and implemented  quickly and produces terrific results. I have used this process myself and also encourage my mastermind participants to do the same.

After watching this video make sure that you follow these helpful steps.

How to create an accountability buddy.

1) Identify someone, preferably a peer and ask the to watch this video.

2) Create your list of  your accountability questions and give a copy to your buddy.

3) Request a copy of your buddy’s accountability questions.

4) Agree on predetermined time to call or skype each other.

5) Determine who is going to ask the questions first then run down your partners list of questions.

6) The person asking the questions refrain from commenting, coaching or offering advice.

7) Reverse roles

8) Say thank you and be clear about the next time you will speak and who is going to call who.

So, that’s it. The coaching call can be handled in amount 10 minutes. The real power in this process happens over time. Knowing that you will have to be open and truthful about the things that you are doing and not doing helps an individual self-correct.

I would love to hear your thoughts so please leave your comment below.

Your partner in success,

Greg Clowminzer






  1. Jeremy Janke says:

    Greg, always appreciate the information that you send. I like this material because it helps you become aware of the behavioral traps that limit our ability to be successful, like in the TV example from Marshall. It’s the little shifts in our daily routine that make a huge impact. Less TV, More Exercise, More reaching out to our family and friends.


  2. Barbara says:

    Wow, very powerful exercise! There is no being in denial with this process! A person is only left with being in action and accountability! Get ready to accomplish whatever it is you are willing to create!

    Thank you Greg for sharing!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Victor Razee says:

    After watching this, I came up with three potential accountability partners i’m going to share this with. I can definitely see the powerful benefit in doing this. Thanks Greg!

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