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How To Increase Your Productivity

The coaching process is discussion and action-based, so helping the client to create an action plan is an integral part of coaching. An action plan is a list of steps (actions) that the client is going to take, which should lead to the result that they want. Most action plans are time lined also, which means that dates have been added to each action so the plan is trackable.

Why This Works
The Action Plan puts down on paper what is going to happen and acts a guide and management system for the client and coach. Just putting this “into existence” helps to organize thought, prompt ideas, and identify needed resources.

6 Steps To Increasing Your Productivity
1. Get the goal or objective clear, personal and perfect.
2. Write down all the steps to take to reach this goal, in any order. Just get them down on paper.
3. Look to see what else is needed to do or obtain which will guarantee the result occur, not just move the client towards it.
4. Rewrite the steps neatly, in order of action, and time line (puts dates next to) each step. Post the Action Plan in a place where it is frequently seen and prompts you to take action.
5. Arrange for a support and reporting structure to keep the Action Plan alive and the goal being reached.
6. Update the Action Plan with progress or changes.

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