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Why I Decided To Become A Coach

Living in a world with so many outside influences many people have lost sight of what makes them happy. I was one of those people who found myself trapped in a lucrative profession making lots of money but was completely miserable. I was blessed at a early age to discover that money doesn’t equal happiness. I have spent the last 17-18 years orienting my life around what makes me happy and helping others do the same.

Watch the video below called “Money Doesn’t Equal Happiness” and let me know if you can relate.

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Greg Clowminzer is a life and business coach located at 6351 Alexandri Circle, Carlsbad CA 92011.


  1. Lisa nirell says:

    Greg, this is a great reminder for us busy people! I remember when you were coaching me, and challenged me with these questions.

    I look forward to your next video.


  2. Jeremy Janke says:

    Thanks Greg, appreciate you sharing your passion in life, and it helps me to remember it’s about personal development as well as professional!



  3. Lia Wiss says:


    I consider it no accident that I was the lucky recipient of your offer for a video presentation at today’s Coffee n Connect networking event, and it has certainly amplified my desire to really define what it is I came out here to do in San Diego. Having served as a spiritual counselor for many years back in Michigan I understand the importance of prioritizing happiness and personal fulfillment over monetary gain, and still believe there is a way to create right livelihood with meaning, purpose and pleasure in my life out here. Perhaps we could arrange a coaching consultation either in exchange for or in addition to your offer of a video presentation. I feel the paths I have chosen throughout my professional career have all been driven by passion and purpose, and I look forward to my next endeavor out here. Any guidance you may be able to provide would be welcome. Let me know if you would like to get together to discuss the possibilities. Thanks, Lia Wiss

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