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Choose Greatness – A Guide For Extraordinary Performance

NikeGreatnessLogoThe secret to experiencing greatness is the embracing of new ideas – big ideas, which develop you and have a broad impact on others. To do this is both a privilege and a supreme responsibility.

Choose Greatness – A Guide For Extraordinary Performance is designed to challenge and inspire you. Use this tool wisely by choosing a maximum of 3 items per week to focus on. Understand there is no end, no mountain top to reach when it comes to the mastery of greatness.

Here are some ways to do that:

1. Be impeccable with your word
2. Commit to being a person of integrity
3. See yourself as leader, regardless of position, role or authority
4. Complete you past and resolve any unfinished business
5. Understand you are always at choice in the matter
6. Be proactive verses reactive
7. Be at cause in the matter
8. Know your top 4 core values or guiding principals
9. Have a goal or project that inspires you
10. Upgrade your language
11. Use the language that empowers yourself and others
12. Exercise daily
13. Journal daily
14. Learn something new daily
15. Practice critical self-reflection
16. Improve your relationship with change
17. Commit to consistent continuous personal improvement
18. Commit to consistent continuous organizational improvement
19. Embrace the notion of change + good + sacrifice
20. Practice authentic communication
21. Plan your week in advance
22. Have something to look forward to every day, week, month and year
23. Know your top 3/3/3’s (3 daily goals, 3 weekly goals, 3 monthly goals)
24. Create vision board that inspires you
25. Focus on how you want it to be
26. Be the type of person who would naturally attract the things you want and need
27. Invite others into a conversation that strengthens your relationship
28. Be able to listen to others in such a way that they actually feel gotten
29. Create a list or 10-20 accountability questions that support your development
30. Check in regularly with your accountability buddy and review your questions
31. Set a clear intention for the day
32. Identify 4 virtues you intend to cultivate today
33. Identify 4 vices you are intend to reduce or eliminate
34. Make a list of 20 personal things that you currently tolerating
35. Make a list of 20 professional things that you currently tolerating
36. Schedule time to review your week. Journal your accomplishments, incompletions, lessons, insights, what worked, what didn’t work, concerns, opportunities, commitments
37. Identify your 4 biggest opportunities to meet or exceed your top goal
38. Have a clearly defined gap between the way it is and the way you want it to be
39. Set up a weekly accountability call
40. Perfect the present
41. Hire a coach
42. Practice some form of daily, weekly and monthly renewal
43. Get to the source of problem rather than suppress the symptoms
44. Focus your attention on what matters most
45. Cultivate a positive attitude
46. Be committed to something bigger than yourself
47. Define your leadership gap
48. Create a plan and work with your coach to close your leadership gap
49. Practice endorsing and acknowledging others
50. Define success for yourself
51. Put your happiness first, above all else
52. Get your request to demand ratio to 80/20
53. Choose the environments that bring out your highest version of you
54. Practice authentic listening
54. Ask better questions
55. Identify your next 20 shifts to make
56. Adopt a coaching mindset
57. Increase you own coach-ability
58. Stop making excuses for how you wound up being
59. Tolerate nothing
60. Empower the people around you
61. Share your top 3 goals for the year with 10 people
62. Write your own epitaph
63. Welcome feedback from others and practice only saying “thank you”
64. Create a use a one-page strategic plan
65. Conduct a daily huddle (stand-up meeting) with team
66. Have a weekly sales meeting
67. Know and review your critical numbers
68. Review financials, profit and loss each month
69. Know your “Why?” for being in business
70. Ask for referrals and introductions
71. Make “We Care” outbound phone calls post sale or service
72. Stay on top of collections and accounts receivables
73. Identify the 3-5 biggest threats/predictable stops that might interfere with you achieving your top goals
74. Make sure you set yourself up to play a winnable game

What stands out to you about the above?

What questions come up for you?

What would you add?

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