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Practicing the Mindfulness Communication Technique (MCT)

The Mindfulness Communication Technique (MCT) is based on the execution of completed communication cycles.

Communication cycles are nothing new and have been around for long time. A completed communication cycle is what makes the MCT so powerful. MCT’s are basically a formal way of communicating and relating, so that these communication cycles can come to completion. With each completed communication cycle the mind is quieted. When the mind is clear, the mind is at peace and when the mind is at peace the world is at peace too. Read more

Turning Down The Noise – Meditation Retreat


A One-Day Meditation and Mindfulness Communication Retreat with Greg Clowminzer

March 22, 2014
9:00am – 5:00pm
Private Residence Carmel Valley (San Diego)

Turning Down The Noise is a one-day meditation retreat, where people from diverse backgrounds have the opportunity to practice meditation, contemplation and authentic communication as a way to quieting your mind and supporting you in developing a greater sense of self-awareness. Read more

Choose Greatness – A Guide For Extraordinary Performance

NikeGreatnessLogoThe secret to experiencing greatness is the embracing of new ideas – big ideas, which develop you and have a broad impact on others. To do this is both a privilege and a supreme responsibility.

Choose Greatness – A Guide For Extraordinary Performance is designed to challenge and inspire you. Use this tool wisely by choosing a maximum of 3 items per week to focus on. Understand there is no end, no mountain top to reach when it comes to the mastery of greatness.

Here are some ways to do that:
 Read more