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Choose Greatness – A Guide For Extraordinary Performance

NikeGreatnessLogoThe secret to experiencing greatness is the embracing of new ideas – big ideas, which develop you and have a broad impact on others. To do this is both a privilege and a supreme responsibility.

Choose Greatness – A Guide For Extraordinary Performance is designed to challenge and inspire you. Use this tool wisely by choosing a maximum of 3 items per week to focus on. Understand there is no end, no mountain top to reach when it comes to the mastery of greatness.

Here are some ways to do that:
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How To Integrate Your Spirituality In The Workplace and Life

For many people embracing a spiritual path can take time for others it comes on suddenly. In either case  the challenge of how to integrate your spirituality into your work and life can be baffling.

For some people the whole notion of spirituality may have been the very last thing on your mind but now you find yourself considering your life purpose, WHO AM I?, WHY AM I HERE?, and WHERE AM I GOING?. This inquiry can be brought on by economic challenges, the loss of a loved one and personal illness. Read more