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Why Your Boss Sucks at Management

Hello my friends it’s Greg Clowminzer here, your San Diego Business Coach. And in this video I want to talk about who manages the boss. That might be you, but who manages the boss.  So, let’ talk a little bit about management, so briefly there are a couple ways people get into a management position. One of the ways is by being an entrepreneur which automatically makes you the boss. However most of these people will not have the management skills necessary to develop their staff, and they may be really stressed out in growing the business. Although, they may have a brilliant mind, they also have a really hard time conveying there needs, wants and vision to the people around them.

What you end up with is a frustrated business owner who becomes increasingly impatient and starts barking out orders and expects employees to jump through hoops. It’s a real pressure cooker at work, employees really don’t like being there, and there’s often a very high turnover in this type of work environment.

If you are in this type of situation, you want to really start looking at developing your management, coaching and leadership skills.  A coach can certainly help you develop the skills necessary to be a better boss and respected leader.

If you’re not an entrepreneur, how do you come to be the boss.

In management what often happens is people move through the ranks of an organization or business because an individual within the organization has a really comprehensive understanding within the domain of technical knowledge.  It’s because they have such a keen insight into the technical aspect that these people are moved into management and become the boss. The problem is these type of individuals while very knowledgeable on a technical level, they are often lacking communicating and relating skills  and are underdeveloped emotionally which causes lots of interpersonal challenges within the organization.

Please check out the video as I will discuss the third and perhaps most costly way people become the boss.

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