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Are You A Recovering Entrepreneur?

The Recovering Entrepreneur has tasted success and wants to get it back in a BIG way. If success seems like a thing of the past… If you feel almost desperate to make something really big to happen… If you have lost your confidence and mojo and you don’t know where it went, then we should talk. Working with a business coach can help  you get back in the game of business, success and winning.

Check out this video and see if you are a Recovering Entrepreneur.

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Greg Clowminzer, Business and Life Coach


Stages Of Human Development

Did you know that there is a parallel between the stages of human development and business development?

Check out this video and discover for yourself how evolved you really are.


Here is a secret, most people are stuck in the first two stages and don’t even know there is another way.

  • Stage 1 Dependance
  • Stage 2 Independence
  • Stage 3 Interdependent
  • Stage 4 Inter developmental
  • Stage 5 Interconnectedness

Okay, go check it out and let me know what you think.