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What is Life Coaching?

In coaching there is a saying “the client has all the answers” which I say is true. So if the client has all the answers why in the world would anyone investment good money in hiring a coach. I say a good coach is asking a kind of question that allows the client to open up to a new kind of thinking, in new ways, to handle a new set of issues and concerns, as a result of his/her evolutionary process. I see that most people are trying to solve today’s issues with yesterdays thinking, and as a result people are feeling stuck and confused as to why there old ways of thinking and being aren’t working.

A big part of the life coaching process starts with an assessment of 8-key areas of your life. And in the following video I explain how the wheel of life coaching tool, helps you assess where you are and where you may want to focus your attention when working with a life coach.

The coaching process invites you to enter into several conversation about what is possible for you in your life. I also talk about the life coaches role and a specific coaching model for bringing out the clients very best.

Are you curious about what is possible for you?

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Greg Clowminzer
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