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13 Strategies For Generating More Leads

  1. Have a colleague in a non-competitive business write an endorsed letter on your behalf to his/her clients. You write the letter and take care of the mailing expenses. Offer your friend editing rights to make him comfortable.
  2. Go to local chamber of commerce and offer to help them with their accounting for free for 6 months (your success will generate referrals). Think of them as a center of influence with 1,000+ businesses they might refer you to.
  3. Run a seminar on how to increase your profits in your business – or save money. Give away your notes to anyone who offers you their contact information.
  4. Create target list of select prospects. Call and ask permission to email. Send an email then follow right up with a phone call.
  5. Donate a small block of your time to a school/fundraising auction. The exposure may draw in some clients.
  6. In a direct mail piece, attach a check made out to yourself in a letter and say, “I’ll buy your initial consultation for you.”
  7. Discover centers of influence in the city and market to them. Could consider them the Dream 100, or donate time to get endorsements.
  8. Join Rotary Club and Toastmasters.
  9. Join up with a hurting magazine to J.V. – they carry my ads and you help them with your accounting services.
  10. Ask people, “How would you see us working together?”
  11. Be the founder of a think tank and invite the brightest minds in the field to participant. As a participant, it implies your own genius. Put a press release out calling for applications.
  12. Go to a client and say, “Who would you like me to help?” They will likely suggest someone. This is another way of asking for referrals, but is less “salesy”.
  13. Donate your time to a high-profile non-profit or market through big centers of influence. I’ll get referrals.

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  1. Ron says:

    Thanks for creating this list.

    Does #4 still apply in 2015? If so, how many businesses do you recommend calling the secretaries of and sending faxes to?

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