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How To Integrate Your Spirituality In The Workplace and Life

For many people embracing a spiritual path can take time for others it comes on suddenly. In either case  the challenge of how to integrate your spirituality into your work and life can be baffling.

For some people the whole notion of spirituality may have been the very last thing on your mind but now you find yourself considering your life purpose, WHO AM I?, WHY AM I HERE?, and WHERE AM I GOING?. This inquiry can be brought on by economic challenges, the loss of a loved one and personal illness.

This video is dedicated to those people who are experiencing a spiritual emergence and want to learn who to integrate their spirituality in the workplace and world.

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  1. Dear Greg, I am recommending this video to my beloved Parents not only for their benefit but also so that they might better understand what happened to me on my spiritual path of ‘letting go’ and symbolically experiencing many deaths. Thank you for putting a clear container around the spiritual process. You have a special (Divine) gift of sharing spiritual truths in an easy almost comforting manner. I pray you continue to stay in your body and keep talking! In this time of great Change and Awakening, I believe your unique abilities to be a Spiritual translator and Guide for beings is desperately needed. I look forward to your future videos on whatever topics you choose to speak on.
    in Love and Peace,
    julie christine

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