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How To Integrate Your Spirituality In The Workplace and Life

For many people embracing a spiritual path can take time for others it comes on suddenly. In either case  the challenge of how to integrate your spirituality into your work and life can be baffling.

For some people the whole notion of spirituality may have been the very last thing on your mind but now you find yourself considering your life purpose, WHO AM I?, WHY AM I HERE?, and WHERE AM I GOING?. This inquiry can be brought on by economic challenges, the loss of a loved one and personal illness. Read more

Network Marketing Success Depends On Deep Listening

Master the Most Important Skill of Network Marketing

One of the biggest complaints leaders in network marketing have is that the people on their teams just don’t listen. Clearly one of the most valuable skills network marketers must learn in order to truly succeed is “how to listen”.

Learning to ask the right questions and then just SHUT UP!

So many network marketers are losing business because that can’t keep their mouth shut.

Watch this series of video for insights into Why Bother Listening?  and How To Listen More Effectively?

PLUS a bonus video covering “The FIVE Conversation All Network Marketers Must Learn To Master”

Why is listening so important for network marketers. Discover some valuable tips about what it means to be a master at listening and take your business to the next level.

Five Conversation All Network Marketers Must Learn To Master